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Game time!






The big day has come at last! Jossi’s first soccer practice was last night & her first game is tmrw. She’s so excited although she knows nothing really about soccer. It’s all about the pink socks & special shoes. I’m very excited for the fall & a new season!

The birthday after party

The after party carried on into the day with pottery painting and chic-fil-a with the girls. This was a blast & the girls each were so good & loved the painting.


Getting their instructions (such impressive attention span for a 3, 4 & 5 year old!)

Good color choices

Dancing in excitement








Riley stopped by to see the birthday girl (or his girlfriend-Hi Shelby! No one's sure which.)

Joss’ Birthday Tea Party

For Jossi’s 4th birthday we decided to keep it simple & host a tea party with her 2 little friends and the moms, grandma’s, aunt’s etc. I was really thrilled with the way it all turned out. It wasn’t too crazy and Joss had plenty of time and space to enjoy her day & her friends & lil bro’s company. All the details were so fun to work on. While in Colorado Elizabeth & I found the table cloth at Clubb’s & that began our whole inspiration for the tea party theme. I had such a great time making the decor & getting it all ready to surprise Joss in the morning. She couldn’t believe her eyes she said! It made it all worth while. Luke & I bought her a new princess dress for her special day.  Getting her all dressed was just as much fun as the rest of the day. We curled her hair, painted her nails, put on a tiny bit of make up. She couldn’t contain her twirls in her new dress.  Our fiery sprite is a little woman now, that’s for sure. 4 going on 14. This will be the story of her life. Slow down Jossi! I love every day of these years with you!


Flower Cupcakes


The princesses-so precious!

A family shot-we all dressed up...yes that is my prom dress from Jr year.

Trip making his move on the cupcakes

Fixing her tea up just right

Blue birthday candles-the most important detail, Jossi says

Making a wish

Ave eating only the best part-the icing

Trip pondering the things of girl-hood

Joss & Lolly (the best aunt in the world-she was the only one who dressed up with me!)

Such dainty manners

It takes great focus to pour a great cup of tea


Thank you sweet brother Trip and Avery & Audrey for being such a big part of making Jossi’s 4th birthday so special!

The progression of the toe

Well, now that it’s over I can post the pics & move on! <If you have a week stomach stop here!> I feel as though my big toe has taken on a persona all it’s own these last two months. Some would call her resilient, some would say brave, others still doubt if she’ll stick around or not. But let the facts speak for themselves. She’s all around been a loyal toe and I’ll keep her as long as she’ll have me. And who knows how long that may be.

In the ER waiting for pain meds...

Oops I moved my foot but the toe didn't follow...that nurse better back off soon...still no pain meds...

after being stepped on by a 2 year old little man who will remain unnamed

chubby foot

about 2.5 weeks after-sorry some pics are fuzzy, but the lack of detail is probably in your favor.

3.5 weeks

approx 1.5 months out

approx 1.5 months out

today-excuse the dirt, it's like a jungle out here after these storms the last few nights.

Notice how nice & short she is now-and I was worried about her being longer!  I’m so grateful for all the prayers and love from friends and family. For such a small appendage it sure has changed my perspective on life and death…more on that later. 😉


Fresh air. Deep breaths. Warmth on my back when I’m hunched in my garden. These are the things that keep me going from day to day. Isn’t spring so healing? Maybe it’s just me, pulling through the deep darkness of this past winter. The Lord gives and He takes away. This keeps reverberating through my mind. I also heard this echo in my mind 4 years ago. Standing in church with my eyes closed, trying to sing. Wanting to sing. But I had grief caught in my throat. You know that feeling? It’s just caught right there between a cry and a scream-but it’s stuck. Don’t move, maybe it won’t come out. That’s what I battled standing in church that day after my first miscarriage. And then, through the noise in my mind, a still small voice. He gives & He takes away Keri. A gush of air so sweet & fresh rushes into my lungs, like a river washing away my hurt. That river just kept on flowing. Through years of valleys during marriage, health problems, moves, dreams realized, dreams taken away, loss of life, loss of love, redemption of love. He gives & He takes away. That’s all you need to know. I don’t understand it, but I can trust it. That’s all I need to know to get me through.

Trip becomes a man

Trip may resent me for this one day, but for now I can’t resist sharing the cutest buns in all the world! Trip has become a man and joined the world of the potty trained! Yay! After a horridly long week off snow days I was kicking myself for not having been more prepared to make the most of 5 days shut in my home. I can accomplish wonders with a 2 year old in 5 straight days at home! So before the next ice day hit, I stocked up. Big boy undies, a Cars big boy potty, flushable wipes, laundry detergent, lots of juice & m&m’s for bribery and rewarding. It took a few days before he caught on, but with some patients and lots of chocolate-we have succeeded! He didn’t have a single accident all day yesterday or today-and we even went to church yesterday in undies. And he is taking his naps in undies & staying dry. I’m so proud of him. It wasn’t even as bad as I was prepared for it to be. This morning he even “let out his poops” as Joss calls it on the big potty! We had quite the celebration as you can imagine. So, one more big check off the list! These pics were the morning I first put the undies on him. He was so ecstatic you could tell he felt so free! He was jumping up & down and dancing all around-it was by far the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while from the little man.