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A Day at Bass Pro

We took a break from unpacking to head over to see Santa at Bass Pro Shops. First of course was a stop for free burgers thanks to Austin & Kelly printing the coupons for Whataburger’s 12 Days of Christmas. It was a great time and yeilded some really fun pictures. Thanks Jacksons!

Fun on the carousel


Joss is all her glory.

Me laughing at Sissy Trip while Joss inpects his oral hygiene.

Joss driving a hotrod fishing boat. No thanks. I'll take my nautique.

Joss wondering what Trip's problem is.

Joss' first shot with daddy.

Asleep before we left the parking lot.

Moving #2 at Hilltop House


Luke burning the yard. The stickers are so bad-this is the only way to eliminate them in the winter.

The kids playing in the "sand box" or the front yard. The soil in Argyle is the sandiest I've ever seen.

Jossi loves the sand-yes she is in her underwear. She didn't want to get sand in her pants. Duh.

Trip in deep thought (or pooping position-i'm not sure which)

Moving day

These pics are from the day our belongings arrived in Argyle. CHAOS!

The magic path re-appears!

My parents had a few great suprises in the house awaiting our arrival. The kids loved it-all 3 of them!

A window!

Pee-pie! (April hates it when I say that) ūüôā

dining room area

Our room-affectionately known as the cave because of it's coziness.

Trip working so hard-he needed a break.

Living room

Gettin’ Settled Texas-style

So, what a whirlwind this has been! Luke arrived on December 12 and began his new job on the 13th.¬† The packers/movers came to our Montrose house on Thursday December 16th & they were loaded and on the road by Friday at 2:00. Luke came in to town just in time to see them load my car on the 18wheeler. We grabbed lunch¬†and then stayed our last 24 hours in Colorado with our friends the Greenfields. We enjoyed making a few last crazy memories with all 5 kids being rambuctious as always, had a great breakfast and headed to Grand Junction to catch our noon flight to DFW. It was the kids first flight and they did great! Then the Christmas holidays began full force with a Christmas brunch on Sunday, our stuff arriving on Monday, getting settled tues, wed thurs¬†& then Christmas with all the family. Whew! I’m still recovering. So, if you haven’t heard from me yet-don’t be alarmed or offended! I’m still catching my breath & getting my house organized. Can’t wait to see everyone and catch up!

Me unlocking the front gate for the first time with my new set of keys.

Luke arrives in Texas a week before us to start his new job, stopping first at our house to help mom & dad with the prep-work.Christmas Kolbe (who is now ruined thanks to my parents who so graciously kept him for a week. He now expects grandparental treatment from us. Not happenin'!The front porch with lights my parents put up for the kids. It made it such a homey arrival!View from the front porch

Packing in Progress

Not that this is very interesting, but my mom likes it when I do these posts. The guys are here packing & I can’t believe how fast they are moving! It seems a little unreal that we were just moving in not even 4 months ago and now to be packing up again so soon-whew! It’s a good thing the relocation package allowed for packers & movers. What a blessing & relief.

The kids are being so great! Elizabeth will come pick them up in about an hour.

The magic path, as Joss calls it.

Trip's room

Joss' room

Sweet little helpers.

Joss is being so sweet & filling in every mover guy where we are moving & what she needs packed. Trip is just being clingy because he can’t figure out what’s going on. He misses Luke & keeps asking if each of these guys is a daddy! ¬†Poor Tripper! We will soon reunite with Luke & enjoy a night together as a family before heading on home to Texas. We’ll keep you posted!


The Sing-Off


Make fun of me all you want, but I love The Sing-Off.¬† Maybe it’s because I wish I could sing like that.¬† Maybe it’s because Ben Folds is awesome.¬† I was trying to pinpoint what exactly it is that sucks me in so much.¬† I think it is the raw unadultered talent.¬† I’ve always enjoyed watching people that are truly amazing at what they do.¬† Take the olympics, I love watching all olympic events, even figure skating.¬† There is something refreshing about people that are the best at what they do and still remain humble.

Back to sing off…. We really don’t watch much tv, but ive really enjoyed watching these guys rock the acapella music.¬† The 4 remaining groups are all so different but I’m having a hard time picking my favorite.

Do you have one?

Support your local stay at home moms…

Yep-that’s me! Well friends & family, it’s that time of year. The time where you want your house to smell like cookies, even if you didn’t take the time to bake them. The time of year to sit by the fire and smell the Christmas tree, despite the fact that your tree is fake? Yes, Scentsy is for you and all of your difficult-to-buy-for family members too! I’m posting a link below for shopping ease. Place your order ASAP to get them in time for Christmas-it’s not to late! (And shipping is light years faster now, so there’s no sweating it!)