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Joss’ first real drawing.


We had family art night tonight.  Joss has been really quiet for a few minutes and then popped up and said look I drawed myself all by myself.  Keri and I were blown away.  Joss has never been able to draw anything other than abstract things and then she busts out this stick figure on its way to vacation in Antenna, Oklahoma Mexico.

The motorcycle

Now that we have some space to move around, I got my old motorcycle, a 1993 Honda XR 100,  back from my brother and fired it up the other day.  I can’t believe that thing it started on the first try.  I got that motorcycle brand new for Christmas in the 5th grade making it almost 20 years old.  I rode that motorcycle everyday after school for years.  I crashed it pretty bad in 7th grade which lead to a knee surgery and lingering knee problems to this day but that is minor compared to all the memories it provided.  I went on countless trips with my dad and my best friend going up.  That bike got stuck in the mud, sunk in lakes and rivers on more than one occasion, flipped, crashed, abused, wrecked and still survives to this day.  I thought I had outgrown that bike many years ago and have considered selling it in the past but never did, it seemed like it would have a use again one day.  Over the weekend I found out what that use is.  I took the kids for rides on the bike and they loved it.  I was amazed at how comfortable they were on the bike.  Trip did not even try to hold on.  He just leaned back on me and put his hands in his pockets and smiled.  He did not want to get off that bike.  We managed to convince him that he would have another turn if he let Joss get on there and have a turn.  Joss wanted to go faster and faster, and fast we went.  She loved it too.  The kids took turns riding that old Honda with me for the better part of an hour and then begged for more.  That was a great father moment for me.  It was so fun to share something that was such a big part of my childhood with them.  Here is a quick little video of the action…..

Trip becomes a man

Trip may resent me for this one day, but for now I can’t resist sharing the cutest buns in all the world! Trip has become a man and joined the world of the potty trained! Yay! After a horridly long week off snow days I was kicking myself for not having been more prepared to make the most of 5 days shut in my home. I can accomplish wonders with a 2 year old in 5 straight days at home! So before the next ice day hit, I stocked up. Big boy undies, a Cars big boy potty, flushable wipes, laundry detergent, lots of juice & m&m’s for bribery and rewarding. It took a few days before he caught on, but with some patients and lots of chocolate-we have succeeded! He didn’t have a single accident all day yesterday or today-and we even went to church yesterday in undies. And he is taking his naps in undies & staying dry. I’m so proud of him. It wasn’t even as bad as I was prepared for it to be. This morning he even “let out his poops” as Joss calls it on the big potty! We had quite the celebration as you can imagine. So, one more big check off the list! These pics were the morning I first put the undies on him. He was so ecstatic you could tell he felt so free! He was jumping up & down and dancing all around-it was by far the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while from the little man.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We started off today with heart shaped pancakes, in honor of the day of love. I was quite impressed with my heart making abilities. The kids loved them and of course we have enough left over for a rerun in a few days. Then we ran errands and met daddy for lunch before he heads out of town for the week for work. It’s tradition-Luke & I try to be apart for Valentine’s Day every year. You know, absence makes the heart grow fond, right? No, we don’t try to be apart, it just somehow always works out this way. Oh well, this year it was more fun to just celebrate the kids anyways. 

A Red Bird Story

Aunt Wanda, or “Aunt Landa” as Joss calls her, knocked on the door a few days before Christmas, looking rosy and cozy in her big, pink, furry sweater, pink shoes, & matching pink rimmed glasses, with a present in hand. She wanted to stop by and bring us a housewarming gift (this is her home that we live in) and tell us Merry Christmas. What a sweet surprise! So, standing in the living room where she first lived with her husband of her youth, she gives us this gorgeous redbird wreath. “Listen,” she says in sweet, southern, exaggerated syllables, “I’ve got to tell you our red bird story.” She proceeded to tell us about how at the passing of her mother, she and 2 sisters spotted a redbird-their mother’s favorite bird- in the parking lot of the church. Then at their daddy’s funeral, another.  And at their sister’s visitation…I had chills just listening to her as she told us what a clear reminder the Lord had always blessed her with. The ones we love our always with us, in our hearts. And more importantly, says sweet Aunt Wanda, “He is always with us.”

Matthew 28:20 “And lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the age.” (Written on the Christmas card left by Aunt Wanda)

So, by Thursday of last week I think I’m going to die of restlessness soon. I peek outside and catch a glimpse of this healthy little guy eating the birdseed we had thrown out that morning! He brightened my day with a little reminder that I’m not alone.