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Did some one sneak crack into my protein shake?

Seriously-I need to know if you have snuck into my house & dumped some crazy drug into my protein shake!  I started working out & having a shake in the morning (since I never eat breakfast) and I can’t begin to tell you the difference it has made in me. I feel light years better-on all fronts. Not mention losing weight! I signed up for the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge at the gym just to get myself motivated. And it’s working! I have my first official weigh in tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes.   Today was an amazing Monday for us. We did all the laundry (Jossi & I), headed to Lowe’s, grabbed lunch at McAllister’s (the kids ate amazingly-what’s in the air?!), then Target. Home & Trip went down for his nap & Joss for a short hour rest. I unloaded everything & then relieved my free-laborer from her rest-time to help me plant the new flowers.  She faded after about 3 plants & went to “check on the chickens.”  I sat there in the dirt listening to the chickens squwaking for help in the background & laughing to myself. This girl loves her chickens.  She just holds them, talks to them-like they are puppies or babies. It’s so funny. So we watered & wrapped that flower bed up. Fed all the foul…we now have 12 chickens (2 lost in the 1st spring storm), 5 ducks & 3 turkeys. Yes, turkeys. Don’t laugh-you’ll be thanking me this year at Thanksgiving dinner.  Then the kids had a snack while I showered to go to the gym. Sounds strange I know, but I would’ve cleared the cardio area at the gym with me “garden-fresh” scent.  The gym was great.  I think the kids needed a break form me as much as I needed my break! I did 2 miles on the elliptical-have to take it easy because my cardio point & calorie point tests are Wednesday. Then some lifting & the best part: my first trip to the Eucalyptus Steam Sauna! Upon entry I nearly fainted, but once I recovered it was the most amazing feeling to sit enveloped in the tingly air, sweating off my hard work, melting into the tile bench. Oh man, I am hooked.  Then we hit up Sprouts where everyone got to pick out there own fruit & veggie. Then home for a baked potato & fresh raw veggie dinner. The kids ate so good Luke looked at me suspiciously like he thought maybe it was all a trick. I glanced back at him saying with my eyes “don’t acknowledge it or it will all fade away!!!”  So here I sit, pooped (but sleeping better by the way!) and way behind on blogging-sorry! More updates to come…

shot from the garden

1 comment to Did some one sneak crack into my protein shake?

  • Terri

    Wow…..send me the crack who ever you are!!!!! This sounds like an amazing Monday!! And Keri…these pictures are beautiful. YOu should frame the garden sprount for your kitchen. You have such an eye for these shots. You need to start printing them. Remember….mothers’ always right 🙂 i wish

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