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Bad news.  We made a stop at walmart in Amarillo for food and gas.  Both kids needed to go potty, so we ran inside the walmart with intentions of buying a new kids movie for the kids to watch on the road. Keri took Joss and grabbed a buggy, in the process she dropped her wallet with all of our vacation cash we raised from our garage sale.  Needless to say we went frantic looking for it.  People were walking up to us asking if we were ok.  We asked everyone in sight about it.  One lady tried to give us a lottery ticket she just got that was a $25 winnner.    Another tried to give us $20 cash.  We finally gave up and left our contact info with customer service.  I when we got back to the car the 0hone rang and they said that an associate found it in the hardware dept.  I ran in to find it void of all the cash.  Bummer. 

So we are trucking on, we have been humbled, we are sad but thankful that we did not lose more.  This is going to be a more frugal trip than we wanted….

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