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A Surprise: Our first morning

Our first night in the house we happily crashed, all piled up on our air mattresses and sleeping bags, despite the shift to mountain time, which is an hour earlier. I couldn’t even tell you what time it was. I had cried too many times for one day, the kids sat still for too many hours & Luke was probably the most drained by all our antics. We slept like babies with the fire lighting up the living room, except Trip, who acted out his dreams half the night, hollering for Kolbe-dog & griping at Joss occasionally. We woke up to the early morning light to discover our new world blanketed in fluffy white snow. Exciting, for the moment yes. Until a few hours in, we realized our truckloads of belongings would never make it up the inclines in 6 inches of snow. So we enjoyed the snow falling, went out to eat, hit the mall for a little distraction & waited it out. The kids were thrilled about the snow, but I wasn’t prepared! I had grabbed each of us 1 set of warmer jammies, one sweat pants & an extra pair of socks. No water proof shoes, no warm coats. Mom fail! They never even knew & enjoyed the snow just the same, maybe a little wetter & colder.


Buried taco

The stylin' Flex that has been our faithful guide as we await the arrival of our family suv.

The house


The kids love to eat snow


I hired this ridiculously handsome guy to shovel the snow. He's very helpful!


3 comments to A Surprise: Our first morning

  • no mom fail, goofbucket! you’re from texas and there’s freak snow storm in colorado!

    it looks amazing!! can’t wait to see it!

    • i can’t wait for yall to come Lo! It won’t be snowy, but it’ll be gorgeous still. Just you & Jack being here will make it even more so! Counting down the days…

      Ms. Melissa, jossi talks about you & her classmates all the time. I read her your comments to her & she loves it. Thank you for keeping up with us through the blog! if you make it out this way you need to come see us.


  • Melissa Denison

    Joss – Ms. Melissa is so excited you got to see some snow on your first morning in Colorado. God is watching over your family! I miss you and can’t wait to read all about your adventures in Colorado (a place close to my heart). Enjoy Luke, Keri, Joss and Trip!
    Much love, Melissa Denison

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