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Madonna Comes to visit

No, no, not the pointy chested pop star! Madonna the deer! The neighbors told us after her visit that she is a very friendly deer that will eat out of your hand! We were hanging out, waiting out the snow when we spotted the small herd in our yard. Then Luke is whisper-yelling from the bedroom for us to get in there quick! So Joss & I ran back into the bedroom & there she was peeking in the window, just welcoming us to the neighborhood. I’m sure the locals think we’re nuts. Running from room to room gawking at the wildlife. And in a few months I might be griping about them eating my plants & pooping in my yard, but for now it’s so fun! We have a neighbor who put a Santa hat on one of the bucks she feeds & took his picture! I’ll have to see if I can get that pic to show you! It’s been crazy around here just trying to find a place for everything & get everything in it’s place. We’ll post more soon!

Jossi showing Madonna her artwork for the day

She was so curious!

Deer in the yard

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