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The 5 Minute Cast

***I wrote this weeks ago***We went for Jossi’s follow up xray on her arm last friday. They said it lookes good, but they wanted to go ahead and cast it. Assuming they new best, I said “well let’s do this!” So brave Jossi (who doesn’t show up too often) picks out hot pink & doesn’t bat an eyelash the while time. I was so proud of her! As we’re finishing up I notice her hand is blue & point it out to the dr. They have us go to the waiting room to play for a little while & see if it in indeed too tight. Hello. We didn’t even sit down in the waiting room because Joss started saying how hot it was & it was getting tighter. She’s getting louder & starting to panic. I pick her up to calm her, see the hand, now purple with blue splotches & swollen to the size of little sausage fingers. I’m about to panic now. We go in & they cut off the cast, she’s freaking out “please dont do this!!!” After that I said no thanks, we’ll stick with the splint. Poor girl.image



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