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The 5 Minute Cast

***I wrote this weeks ago***We went for Jossi’s follow up xray on her arm last friday. They said it lookes good, but they wanted to go ahead and cast it. Assuming they new best, I said “well let’s do this!” So brave Jossi (who doesn’t show up too often) picks out hot pink & doesn’t bat an eyelash the while time. I was so proud of her! As we’re finishing up I notice her hand is blue & point it out to the dr. They have us go to the waiting room to play for a little while & see if it in indeed too tight. Hello. We didn’t even sit down in the waiting room because Joss started saying how hot it was & it was getting tighter. She’s getting louder & starting to panic. I pick her up to calm her, see the hand, now purple with blue splotches & swollen to the size of little sausage fingers. I’m about to panic now. We go in & they cut off the cast, she’s freaking out “please dont do this!!!” After that I said no thanks, we’ll stick with the splint. Poor girl.image



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Wild West Kitty

My sister gave us the 2 best kittens ever for Joss’ birthday present last July. The brother is on an adventure in Texas at the Hilltop house (wink wink) and the sister came with us to Co. People in our neighborhood said she wouldn’t last long. Most of the dogs around here have never even seen a cat! The neighbors all talk about her bc she follows us on walks like a dog! Her name changes almost daily. It started out Speedy, then Merliah, then Louella, Buttercup, and now i think it’s Sweet Lily. She has turned out to be quite the mountain kitty. I think it’s partly due to her momma who was a wild cat my sister took in. Here’s a few of the little surprises she has left me in the last 2 days. Those mountain mice don’t stand a chance with Wild West Kitty on the prowl!




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Wildlife Weekend

On Saturday we had every wildlife spotting that I could’ve hoped for while mom & Kel were in town. Except a bear. Which would’ve scared the s#!7 out of mom! So I was hoping we wouldn’t see one of those guys. Of course Luke saw one the day after they left. (Don’t tell mom!) We saw 3 herds of elk, plenty of deer, a fox and even a few classic old Colorado mountain men. Hahaha…Just kidding. Kelli & I were discussing how hair is such a big deal here. I’ve never seen more manly old men  with such gorgeous hair!  So here’s a few shots. Luke’s getting so good at the camera settings & editing. It was fairly dusky for a few of these. I took pics that turned out black & his were so great!


Elk splashing around in Upper Bear Creek


This crazy Dzo was kicking up it's heels & showing off for us.


Another heard of elk in the meadow down the hill from our house. Nice fuzzy antlers. Luke says in the height of summer they grow 1 inch a day!

A Weekend of Family & Fun

My mom & Kelli came this weekend-woohoo! It was a much anticipated visit for me. I had so much fun preparing for their arrival. I decided I would just clean & then we would nest once they were here. I was having some issues with the arrangement of the living room upstairs & a total creative block on the downstairs living room. I knew I needed my mom’s help for several things around the house, to help make it feel like home.  So Thursday evening we picked them up from the airport and after many hugs & maybe a few tears we headed to Golden to meet up with Luke for dinner. We had a great dinner, then headed to the house. The delirium set in here, for mom that is. We were on the ever so slightest incline just outside Golden on Hwy 70 & mom says ” Ok, I’m ready for your car to stop making that climbing sound already!” I shot her this are you kidding me look & we all cracked up laughing. I told her she was in for a long haul, so just pop a Dramamine & sit back. Friday we enjoyed cranberry orange muffins & strong coffee and then hit the mess…we moved a couch out of the living room, down the stairs, outside, down the porch stairs, up about 3 stairs into the downstairs living room. We are women here us roar. And moan. and grunt. I wish someone had gotten pics of it! So we tore up that living room, bouncing ideas around & finally turning it into a real room. I am so please with how it turned out. It’s going to be the perfect family room, especially this summer when it’s hot in the upstairs, with no ac out here. So here’s a few random pics from the weekend. Saturday we had an amazing day of wild life spotting, but I will let Luke make that post.


Good family time 🙂


view from our porch

Kolbe, who followed Kelli's every move around the house & even slept right beside her.

Trip posing on the stairs



Community Gardening


I am so so grateful for a  kind neighbor, who unknowingly gave me the sweetest gift. He welcomed me to join the community garden. Now you should know, in our “neighborhood” planting (anything) brings out the deer; composting attracts the bears and a henhouse entices the foxes. I mean seriously, what’s a girl supposed to do up here?! Naturally I lay in bed one night during our first week in the mountains, next to adventure-hub & had myself a good cry, dumping all my fears, relevant & non on him. So when the neighbor, who I had just met, informed me of a community garden, I teared up & fought the urge to hug his neck. The kids & I spent most of this morning at the community garden…sheer joy, let me tell you. The scent of pine needles crunching under our feet was intoxicating. We picked sweet little yellow tomatoes, weeded the herb beds in the green house & planted 2 whole raised beds with lettuce, beets & carrots. Gayle is a fantastic high altitude gardner & photographer, who I hope to soak up loads of inspiration from. And her sweetheart, Phil is a 70 something year old attorney who works from his mountain home-office as he wages his war with Parkinsons. They are the perfects hosts (the garden is at their homestead). The kids had ice cream, we shared hot mugs of strong coffee over the weeds we pulled. And most importantly, had good conversation. Thank you Jesus for sunshine, dirt and people. Beautiful creations.


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A Weekend on the Other Side

Last weekend we ventured over the Continental Divide to see our dear friends the Greenfields. Elizabeth is due any day now with Greenfield offspring #4, so we needed a good weekend to catch up before the arrival of Ms. Hannah Rose. The kids hadn’t seen each other since last July, but they never missed a beat. They were out on the trampoline & making a ruckus in no time.  We trekked over to Ouray to have a soak in the hot springs, but upon arrival were disappointed to find them closed for remodeling! So we had pizza in the park & froze our buns.  Luke provided entertainment as usual & James had a slip & ended up with wet feet from the spring fed koi pond. Is that how you spell Koi? Who knows. I’m tired & in a Whale Wars coma on the couch. Aaahhh, weekends.  🙂


Say "cheese pizza!"

Snuggled up & scarfing down

Luke eating while jumping a Trip-hurdle

Preggers, being a good sport for a pic

The chase in on


James kept rolling around trying to get warm & eat at the same time, ending up with pizza from his head to toes.


Quality mountain food

A rare shot of my elusive self, taken by Jossi.

Family Rules

Luke saw a few quotes before new years this year and decided that instead of making a New Years Resolution he would make our family a set of rules that we can refer back to for years to come.  We are going to get this printed on canvas so we can hang it up in our house.