Big Toe

I wanted to do a quick update/info for those that have not heard.  Yesterday, Easter, we were at our house playing outside enjoying thenice afternoon.  As we always do we got out my old dirtbike.  We were enjoying being outside and taking turns on the motorcycle.  I gave the kids a ride, Keri rode with me, uncle Riley took a spin, Keri’s mom even took a little spin (impresve)!  Keri took another ride and went up a little hill we have in the front yard.  She caught some air and I think that may have caused her to get a litle off balance.  She ended up heading betwen 2 trees.  The tree on the left side caught the handle bars then pinned her toe between foot peg.  Keri was flying through the air saying “I’m okay, I’m okay!”, not wanting to make anyone worried.  She ended up stopped at the base of another tree and said “Whoa, my toe, I’m not okay”.  We ran over there and after one glance it was obvious that we were headed to the emergency room because her left big toe was literally  dangling off of her foot.  I picked her up and carried her to the car.  Her mom ran into the house and got a towel to wrap around her foot so she would not have to look at it en route to the er.  I said that I had to find my keys, but I knew where they were.  I wanted to go back and make sure that there was not any of Keri’s toe laying on the ground.  I jumped in the car and we headed for the hospital.  I’ll skip the part of the story where I broke every possible traffic law on the way to hospital.  We got Keri into the er and they had to do some x-rays on her foot as well as her knee and abdomen as they also sustained some damage.  We waited for quite a while for the er doctor to come back and let us know wat was going on.  We already had some idea of the severity because the doctors first question after taking peek at her toe was when was the last time you ate? After a long delay and us all wondering what is going on, a man barges into the room in plain clothes.  He was not rude, or apologetic, just facts and he spoke in a way that said I know this is what I do and I’m good at it, borderline arrogant but in a good way.  He simply said, “I’m a bone doctor, they called me as a specialist and from the desrcription of the x-ray I thought it deserved a look.  You pulverized your big toe and also pretty severely fractured your 3rd toe.”  As he peeled back the bandage that was covering the toe he said he was glad that he came up there.  “There is a good chance that we will have to amputate the toe, we are going to try and save it, but the big risk is infection.”

They took Keri into surgery pretty quickly.  Afterwards the doctor said that saving the big toe was a viable option but the third toe was also an open fracture so they had to clean it out as well and will require pins to be put in.  Additional surgery will be required.  Most likely they will have to do a bone graft from her hip to see if they can get the tip of the big toe to grow bone since 60% of the bone is missing.

At this point we are waiting to see if infection sets in and if it will be a candidate for saving the toe.  Either way we we are looking at having another surgery in the next few days.

Keri is doing great and is in good spirits.  There is significant pain but she is being very tough.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  It is funny how complex our bodies our and how fragile they can be. 

2011 DU Committee Fun Shoot

We had our Lake Ray Roberts DU committee 2011 kick off meeting on Sunday. As long has I have been hunting and shooting I have never officially shot skeet, sporting clays, or any other shooting event. I must say that it was a blast. We did a sporting clays shoot. Sporting cays is a lot like golf in that you go from hole to hole, or station to station to shoot the “birds”. Mechanical throwers launch the clays at varying angles and distances that mimic real hunting conditions. There is even a mock-rabbit where a extra tough clay is launched across the ground and you have to shoot it as it rolls. I was pretty nervous that I would be horrible at this but I really had a good time and I think I ended up shooting pretty well.

Here are a few pictures I was able to take.  The lighting was horrible for good pictures.  I kept trying to capture the shell as it ejects from the action but I could not get a fast enough shutter speed for it not to be blurry because there was not enough light.  Maybe next time!

Re-Loading Time

My buddy Shawn
I even made it on camera.
Check out that form.....
My favorite capture. If you look closely you can see where he just hit the clay.
Austin shooting at one of the "rabbits".
Shawn going for one of the hardest stations of the day.

Joss’ first real drawing.


We had family art night tonight.  Joss has been really quiet for a few minutes and then popped up and said look I drawed myself all by myself.  Keri and I were blown away.  Joss has never been able to draw anything other than abstract things and then she busts out this stick figure on its way to vacation in Antenna, Oklahoma Mexico.

The motorcycle

Now that we have some space to move around, I got my old motorcycle, a 1993 Honda XR 100,  back from my brother and fired it up the other day.  I can’t believe that thing it started on the first try.  I got that motorcycle brand new for Christmas in the 5th grade making it almost 20 years old.  I rode that motorcycle everyday after school for years.  I crashed it pretty bad in 7th grade which lead to a knee surgery and lingering knee problems to this day but that is minor compared to all the memories it provided.  I went on countless trips with my dad and my best friend going up.  That bike got stuck in the mud, sunk in lakes and rivers on more than one occasion, flipped, crashed, abused, wrecked and still survives to this day.  I thought I had outgrown that bike many years ago and have considered selling it in the past but never did, it seemed like it would have a use again one day.  Over the weekend I found out what that use is.  I took the kids for rides on the bike and they loved it.  I was amazed at how comfortable they were on the bike.  Trip did not even try to hold on.  He just leaned back on me and put his hands in his pockets and smiled.  He did not want to get off that bike.  We managed to convince him that he would have another turn if he let Joss get on there and have a turn.  Joss wanted to go faster and faster, and fast we went.  She loved it too.  The kids took turns riding that old Honda with me for the better part of an hour and then begged for more.  That was a great father moment for me.  It was so fun to share something that was such a big part of my childhood with them.  Here is a quick little video of the action…..


Hey Moms, check out this cool new website called thredUP!

thredUP_kids clothing swap_free membership

You can sign up for free here (thredUP_kids clothing swap_free membership) and swap kids clothes once your kids have outgrown them.  The way it works is pretty simple.

Say you have a handful of old clothes you can list them for free on thredUP.  If some one likes the description you made you just pay $5 plus shipping (USPS flat rate box).  The shipper does not have to pay anything and for roughly $15 you get a box full of clothes…  How cool is that.

The Sing-Off


Make fun of me all you want, but I love The Sing-Off.  Maybe it’s because I wish I could sing like that.  Maybe it’s because Ben Folds is awesome.  I was trying to pinpoint what exactly it is that sucks me in so much.  I think it is the raw unadultered talent.  I’ve always enjoyed watching people that are truly amazing at what they do.  Take the olympics, I love watching all olympic events, even figure skating.  There is something refreshing about people that are the best at what they do and still remain humble.

Back to sing off…. We really don’t watch much tv, but ive really enjoyed watching these guys rock the acapella music.  The 4 remaining groups are all so different but I’m having a hard time picking my favorite.

Do you have one?