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Hello from the couch

Hello friends! I am alive and intact! I am so grateful for all the love & support I’ve recieved from you all in the last week. The Lord is clearly presssing in on me, wouldn’t you agree?  My  mantra of “He gives and He takes away” has been put to the literal test in regards to my big toe. I am on lots of pain pills, strong antibiotics & sporadic bits of sleep, so this might not be my best post today-cut me some slack! My toe is feeling much better. It only tingles now when it is elevated, no pain. The pain hits fast and hard when I lower it to move to the couch or make a potty break. New bruises are emerging each day. I am green & blue all over. I am humbled every day as I realize more & more how blessed I am that I only broke a few toe bones. I am praying for a full recovery, that I’ll be running & active again in a matter of months. I feel as though the staff is responding well to the antibiotic because my foot is doing so well. But I will find out on Monday at 4:00. At that point we will know the plan, whether I’ll be home & on the recovery route or back into the hospital for another surgery.  April will be in touch with a care calendar at that point to coordinate anyone that wants to help us out in any way. I will probably post that on the blog too, that way anyone that wants to can access it. I am so grateful for all the flowers, coffee, meals, DPs, magazines, books and sweet gifts and especially help with my little ones that we have recieved from all my friends and family. We love each of you so much. You have all contributed to my spirits staying high through this potentially low time. Not to mention filling in all the holes that this injury has put into our daily lives. We couldn’t have done it with out you  all.

Where I spend my days

This is how I take a shower-with the help of 2 loving family members!


Getting a glimpse of outside life

Getting some quality time in with my little ones

my first attempt at anything productive was this blog post