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Shooting doves






Our latest family past time is sitting in the yard shooting doves. There have been so many flying in the evenings lately. We’ve even grilled them up for dinner with hot hush puppies, corn on the cob & mashed potatoes. I was unsure at first but once I tried it, I was a believer. It tasted better than a good steak! Luke was pretty pumped. “It doesn’t get any fresher than that!” He beamed in hunterly pride. He’s right.

Game time!






The big day has come at last! Jossi’s first soccer practice was last night & her first game is tmrw. She’s so excited although she knows nothing really about soccer. It’s all about the pink socks & special shoes. I’m very excited for the fall & a new season!


What a catchy new phrase! And I decided to steal it & make it our own family lifestyle. Isn’t it true though? We should focus on what we are grateful for all year, not just during the holiday season. Maybe we need to switch on some feel good tunes & light a few candles in August to get us in the mood to be gushy & thankful. I do that anyways in August (the music & candles) but they call me gushy all year round. What can I do? This year was our first Thanksgiving away from family. We missed everyone in Texas, but we were so grateful to be included in the Greenfield’s celebration.  Mrs. Greenfield outdid herself on the meal. Trip even ate pickled asparagus! Yes his pee stuck for the next week. The guys shot their guns till it was too dark & cold to feel their trigger fingers. The big girls got to go on a “horsie” ride (which was really a mule ride 😉 )The big log cabin was roaring with Christmas tunes & a fire in the stove. The kids enjoyed having their buddies to play with. Elizabeth & I enjoyed that they were all so entertained that we could knit our hearts out! Over all it was a great time. We are blessed to have found heart friends so quickly here in CO. Divine clickage is the terms Elizabeth uses & I love that. It describes our type of bond perfectly-when  you meet some one & hit it off instantly. Thanks Greenfield’s, for sharing your family with us! Some how these are the only pics I got that day. But I made half of a scarf!

Joss was spotting ducks as she was riding Lacoda the mule.

Jeremiah's sweet sister, tending to the little cowgirls

Snow or no?

The weather cannot make up it’s mind! You wouldn’t believe the variation of conditions we have had in the last 48 hours. I  thought Texas weather was fickle, but this is a close contest. Yesterday morning we put a halt on all household operations & headed to the park for one last romp. I was in a tee shirt & sweat pants (dressy huh?) and it was warm. Then the clouds rolled in & the forecast said snow would start overnight, but this morning we had nothing.  Through out the morning we have had snow…Then the sun came out & everything began to steam…

it was so eerie looking

…and then it rained & the rain turned to tiny hail…Now it’s pretty much all melted & the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds. I’m sure we’ll have many more days like today. Don’t worry-I won’t bore you with them all, but the first one of the season is exciting. Well, Jossi is refusing to take a nap for some reason today & keeps peeking her head around the corner, so I’d better go see to her. I think it’s a good afternoon for some hot chocolate & a craft.


Red Mountain Pass

Can you believe it? It’s me (Keri) blogging about a Pass instead of Luke. This is one of my favorites by far. Of course I haven’t seen them all yet.  This one shows signs of life, which catches my attention.  The homes up on Red Mountain Pass are particularly picturesque, so when we drove through last week I couldn’t resist getting a few shots, with the fresh fall snow and the blue sky. This post is really for my mom because she loves old houses and photographing them, as curious as I am about their story.

These houses are right at the top or Red Mountain Pass, where the miners used to live and work. I adore the fact that they had turquoise trim. Behind every good miner is a women at home keeping it fresh!

Classic old bridge at the mining site

Another miner's dwelling

There is a whole little neighborhood, maybe 3-5 houses. You can't quite see them all from the road, so I'm not sure.

If you are a lover of mountains-this moves your soul.

Hope you nature lovers enjoyed these. Sorry to the people persons-you were probably bored. Pics of the babies next time!


Grace’s Fall Festival

Saturday Morning I was a little glum about the prospects of Halloween. We had been traveling the 2 weeks leading up to Halloween and in usual form, as my closest friends will tell you: it snuck up on me! I didn’t have a costume for Trip. I assumed he wouldn’t comply anyways, as his “terrible” stage started at about 1 & 1/2 instead of 2.  And my crafter’s heart had wanted to make Jossi a princess dress, but when you live in a town with only a super Walmart-it hard to find patterns, much less good fabric or inspiration! So she had a store bought Cinderella gown & glass slippers-which she loved. I should be grateful, right? But my expectations of myself were weighing heavily. Saturday morning turned out to be great (read about it here) thanks to Luke being so easy going & resourceful. Then it hit me-we should make Trip be Einstein and spray his hair up, dressing him in a little vest and tweed pants. It will be LEGENDARY! So Sunday night came and we did just that. I was so giddy as I lacquered up his hair, Luke snapping pics and belly laughing. Einstien was a hit at the Fall Festival. Everyone knew exactly who he was. People wanted to take pictures with him. It just reminded me of how pointless the pressure is that I put on myself to make things so perfect. The cheapest and littlest ideas are usually the best and most memorable ones in the end. It was such a fun night with new friends. The kids are both the perfect age to enjoy all the festivites.  Trip ate lots of candy. Joss held her balloon all night long, we ate popcorn on a very chilly hayride, pulled by a tractor (Trip was thrilled) and ended the night at home letting Joss pass out candy at our front door in her pjs. As my baby Einstein buried his face in my chest on that hay ride with his fat little hands wrapped around me…I realized; it’s not about the costume. It’s not about being the most resourceful mother. Or my kids getting the most attention. It’s about them knowing that I love them. No matter how they’re dressed or what day it is. Making the memories, spending the time together, the laughs, the tears (another balloon got away) and the sweet aftermath of too much candy. No haunting for us this Halloween-only happiness.

I look a bit crazy here, but Trip's reaction to his hair was priceless!

Baby Einstein and Cinderella all dressed for a night on the town.

A little sibling Love

Candy man-this boy can put the candy away!

Joss loved getting a bright blue heart painted on her face.

A hair shot

Tossing rings with all the flair and poise of a true princess.

Happy Halloween!


These are a few of my favorite things (Fall ’10)

Here are a few things I have been loving these last few weeks, either around the house or just in our daily lives…

Cake decorating with friends: Rachel (Joss calls "Ranchel") & Sarah.

Sweets & Smiles

Thoughtful surprises from friends: an embroidery from Jenny. It filled that spot perfectly!

Another fall treat from Jenny-so precious!

A cute, crafty squirrel on a handmade tote for Trip, from my mom. He is my favorite!

Jossi's "fall bag" as she calls it, also stitched by my mom with love

Sunday naps on the couch.

The geese in the park. (this one is for the Duck Bothers-I miss yall!)

Park pics of my sweet ones...

always a good swing model.

I hope this list gave you a little glimpse into our everyday lives. That is the part we miss the most for each of you. Halloween weekend turned out to be a blast-thank goodness! I was a little worried about homesicknesses sneaking up on me. But we stayed busy & had a great time. Pics of that to come. I’d better get back to it. Mondays are packed with laundry, fresh sheets & clean bathrooms. Tuesday is a great day to drop by-in case you’re in the neighborhood!  😉