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Mr. & Mrs. Jake Thorkildsen…

We are in Oregon right now to celebrate the marriage of Luke’s little brother Jake to his delightful soul mate Kaily. I thought I would post their engagement photo shoot that Luke did for them.  I picked some of my faves. <He did a great job.> We are so excited to have Kaily join our family. She’s a kindred spirit for me & a great match for Jake. We love you guys!

Fall Harvest Festival: Paonia, CO

A feeble attempt to get a pic with momma-not happnin'!

An indian summer indeed.

This farm was named "Small Potatoes." Clever.

Abuntant Harvest

I hope you aren't bored by vegatables...they're just so gorgeous & fun to shoot!

Now I feel right at home.

Sunflowers-a lifelong love of mine

My favorite farm stand: Zephyros Farm & Garden

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Farmer’s Markets & Harvest Festivals are an amazing showcase of God’s glory & imagination. I just can’t get enough. The shots might bore some of you so bear with me. I was like a little girl in a candy shop; you would’ve thought the carrots were shiny orange lolly pops. The people at these gatherings are so interesting. The music set the perfect tempo for the morning & we just relished in it together. It is such a fun thing to see the kids wide eyed, talking it all in, drool dripping down their chin from a perfect little apple. Free apple-might I add. They must be special because everywhere we go people give them apples. It’s like a grown up can’t resist the sight of a little one chowing down on a whole apple-probably one they picked themselves. I walked around aimlessly, while super dad took the kids to the park to burn off some energy. I could just melt into the scenes. I want to grow my own herbs, cook fresh more often, shower less & grow my hair into dreads-just kidding! Seeing if you were really listening. I truly am inspired by it all & hopefully you will be too…

My favorite stop-the herb shack

The Little Moments

I think it’s the little moments that make up the sweetest parts of life. Not just the big grandiose moments that are so obvious, or even staged. The state of a child in their essence is timeless. I love these…

photos of Cade at 6 weeks

Well better late than never seems to my mantra in this season of life, sadly. 🙁 But here are some long over due photos I took of Cade (Jackson) who is my 3rd baby from Monday to Thursday. He was 6 weeks old here, right before I started to keep him. {These are not w my cam, they are with mom’s}And of course I had to throw one in of my Sunshine.