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Playtime at Paradise Pond

Visiting texas has been so great. We have only been at home base (my parents house) long enough to sleep & then we’re off to see more friends & family. This morning we are enjoying a good drenching. It’s not as cold here as in Montrose, but it is a cozy, rainy fall Texas day. A good cup of coffee & some blogging time make this day almost perfect. Only Luke showing up at the door, soaking wet to suprise me could make it any better. 🙂

On Friday we went to Paradise Pond at First Baptist Church Grapevine with several mom friends.  It is such a great place! It’s only a dollar per kid. They have every kind of play area a little one could wish for. In case you’ve noticed a change in my blog-style I have to tell you, I only have my little point & shoot camera & no photo editing soft ware. Which for me is half the fun of blogging! But I didn’t want any body to quit reading us for lack of posting, so bear with me until I get back to my usual tools of artistry!

The 2 princesses were hard to catch for a good pic.

Trip might be quite the baller one day-maybe a few more inches would help.

It's so fun to see Avery's interest in trip now that he can keep up. She dotes on him constantly!

Joss loves being a princess...I'm sure you'll see more of this come Halloween.

I want one of these at home! Trip loved climbing on this & jumping off.

Cade in action-we can't call him Baby Cade any more because he is so big running around with all the older kids!

photos of Cade at 6 weeks

Well better late than never seems to my mantra in this season of life, sadly. 🙁 But here are some long over due photos I took of Cade (Jackson) who is my 3rd baby from Monday to Thursday. He was 6 weeks old here, right before I started to keep him. {These are not w my cam, they are with mom’s}And of course I had to throw one in of my Sunshine.