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Christmas Snapshots

We have a fun new pic tradition we started when my parents were visiting us in Montrose. We set the camera up on the tripod during dinner & Luke has the remote & clicks random shots. We always end up with some pretty funny ones. This one I just love because of Trip.

This one was posed...well we tried at least. (For my CO friends: this is my dining room area. I promise I will get pics of the house up on the blog soon.)

Goofy Pop

Frantic opening-Joss couldn't handle how slowly Trip opens his presents!

Newly Weds Jake & Kailee

Who's that Hottie?! Oh ya, that's my man.

Jossi in jubilation over her new robe.

Trip is almost too fair skinned for me to use this photo effect. Poor whitey.

You might be a red neck if…

You have more than 2 old cars in your yard! No, not in my book. Those aren’t junk-they’re great photo opportunities!  Here at our new place we are surrounding by my great Aunts’ properties and remnants of their ancestors as well. Lucky for me a couple of great old cars are sitting out in the back 40 just waiting to have their pics taken. Thanks to my mom for the help herding the cats. I mean the children.

"Watch out for that cow poop!"

Good shot mom! We were even all looking at the camera which is a rare occasion!

There’s just a few to tease you! I’m in a rush to Pottery Barn to pick up a rug for my living room! Yay! Thanks to my grandma for my Christmas present! Bargain shopping is such a high. I found it online today on sale for $50 less than in the store. So I called the store and they have it in stock and they will match the price! Woohoo! Chic-Fil-A & PB here we come! (Daddy’s outta town-can you tell?)  🙂

6 Frame Front Flip

Since we woke up to an inch or so of snow on the ground this morning I thought it would be fun to remember warm weather in Texas. Back in June I got to go to the lake with my buddy Brandon. He let me take a few pics of him showing off his skills. I was lucky enough to capture his first successful front flip on his wakeboard! I though it would be a good subject for a before and after.  The photos were taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T1i with a 55-250mm Lens.

Photo #1






Since I was able to catch this whole series I thought It would be awesome to combine them into one panoramic using PhotoShop CS3.  Lots of Cloning, Smuding, Copying, and Pasting later this was the outcome!

6 Frame Front flip!

It is not 100% perfect but I think it looks pretty good.  Had I known I was going to do this I could have made it easier on myself by zooming out while taking the pictures so I could have just used one frame for the background instead of stitching 3 of the frames together for the background.

This was a fun little project!

These are a few of my favorite things (Fall ’10)

Here are a few things I have been loving these last few weeks, either around the house or just in our daily lives…

Cake decorating with friends: Rachel (Joss calls "Ranchel") & Sarah.

Sweets & Smiles

Thoughtful surprises from friends: an embroidery from Jenny. It filled that spot perfectly!

Another fall treat from Jenny-so precious!

A cute, crafty squirrel on a handmade tote for Trip, from my mom. He is my favorite!

Jossi's "fall bag" as she calls it, also stitched by my mom with love

Sunday naps on the couch.

The geese in the park. (this one is for the Duck Bothers-I miss yall!)

Park pics of my sweet ones...

always a good swing model.

I hope this list gave you a little glimpse into our everyday lives. That is the part we miss the most for each of you. Halloween weekend turned out to be a blast-thank goodness! I was a little worried about homesicknesses sneaking up on me. But we stayed busy & had a great time. Pics of that to come. I’d better get back to it. Mondays are packed with laundry, fresh sheets & clean bathrooms. Tuesday is a great day to drop by-in case you’re in the neighborhood!  😉


Downtown Candy Harvesting

We heard about a costume contest this morning at the downtown pavilion so we thought “why not?” The more chances to dress up & play, the better! So we loaded up & headed on down. It turned out to be really fun. All the kids got to line up & walk across the stage to be announced and get their goodie bags.  Trip was a puppy-last minute decision by dad. I didn’t really plan on dressing him up because he is at such a difficult age sometimes you can’t even keep a hat on him. But Luke-ever resourceful went digging through the dress-up bin and found the ole puppy suit. So Trip came waddling out this morning saying “I puppy, I puppy!” I just about fell over with giggles and affection. He is the cutest puppy I’ve seen in ages! And Jossi insisted on being a princess-not just any princess, but a princess in blue. So We trekked to walmart-me thinking I’d be super mom & whip out a little blue princess get up in a day or 2. Then while wondering through the toy isle we came across a Cinderella gown complete with jewelry, glass slippers & all. How could I say no to that? $2o and boom-we’re done! Sounds great to me! So it all worked out quite well. Here we are traipsing around the downtown area harvesting candy from the doting shop owners.

I love my trick or treaters!

little puppy love

It's all about the accessories.

Kolbe-dog, such a good sport.

Sibling love

Little puppy with his treats. We might have to go on a puppy diet-check out that midsection!

Princess in blue (and pajamas).

I couldn't resist posting this pic-just because Joss' face is priceless.

Making friends.

Before and After

It was so cold at the Ouray hot springs, there was no way we could ask someone to take a group photo of us.  After we got home I went to town with Photo Shop.  Here is the end product!

Me and the Kids

Keri and Joss

After a little PS magic we end up with this…

It is not perfect but still looks pretty good!

Shot on our Canon T1i and edited in PS CS3.

McClure Pass Snow

I had to go to Aspen today. I can go to Grand Junction then to Glenwood Springs and down to Aspen but the drive from GJ to Glenwood gets super boring. I decided to take McClure Pass. This is a much shorter route and with the promise of heavy snow in the forecast I thought it would be good “practice” to head over an easy pass to test the ole Tacoma on the snow packed roads… If you know anything about the area, the rain turned to snow at the Oxbow mines outside Paonia. The further I got towards McClure pass the heavier the snow fell. Can I just say how much I like driving in the snow. I love the sound on the windshield as the rain changes to snow. Once the precip is pure snow it gets eerily quiet! Even the road noise is quieter!

I felt like a kid today. I’m sure the customers I saw thought I was a lunatic. We’d be talking about nails and then I’d say “Would you look at that, it is picking up again” or “Whoa, you can’t even see the road from your window!”

I’m sure that the snow will soon become a nuisance, but for now I’m loving it. And it’s only OCTOBER!

Getting close to the top of McClure PassHere's the top, I bet Vail Pass (10,000 ish feet) was crazy!

These trucks were having some major issues. The one in the foreground was still there 6 hours later...

The pines all looked like flocked Christmas trees.

I love aspen trees.