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Something old, Something new

A few weeks ago I dusted off the art supplies I’ve had since college and drug out a canvas I had bought months before. My mom kept moving it around my house every time she was here, urging me to explore my artistic side, so I finally gave in to her promptings. I thought those old pastels deserved a try. So I am trying something new. I don’t know if I’ll ever let you see the finished piece or not. I’m a bit self conscious of my art. It is drying as I type. I’m just excited I took the journey to try something to stretch my talents…here’s a glimpse.

2011 DU Committee Fun Shoot

We had our Lake Ray Roberts DU committee 2011 kick off meeting on Sunday. As long has I have been hunting and shooting I have never officially shot skeet, sporting clays, or any other shooting event. I must say that it was a blast. We did a sporting clays shoot. Sporting cays is a lot like golf in that you go from hole to hole, or station to station to shoot the “birds”. Mechanical throwers launch the clays at varying angles and distances that mimic real hunting conditions. There is even a mock-rabbit where a extra tough clay is launched across the ground and you have to shoot it as it rolls. I was pretty nervous that I would be horrible at this but I really had a good time and I think I ended up shooting pretty well.

Here are a few pictures I was able to take.  The lighting was horrible for good pictures.  I kept trying to capture the shell as it ejects from the action but I could not get a fast enough shutter speed for it not to be blurry because there was not enough light.  Maybe next time!

Re-Loading Time

My buddy Shawn

I even made it on camera.

Check out that form.....

My favorite capture. If you look closely you can see where he just hit the clay.

Austin shooting at one of the "rabbits".

Shawn going for one of the hardest stations of the day.

My Little Man

Aww, Trip is and always will be my little man. Even when he is 18 & embarrassed by my affection. Deep down he will still love it-even if he won’t admit it! Trip turned 2 last week, so I had to be sentimental and look back at a few of his newborn photos. I think he looks just the same, but I guess it’s because I can see his spirit in his eyes, even at 7 days old. April told me he looks like a puffy Trip-which is so true! He is a treasure and brings me so much joy every day with his sweet spirit and open affection. Happy Birthday my love!

You might be a red neck if…

You have more than 2 old cars in your yard! No, not in my book. Those aren’t junk-they’re great photo opportunities!  Here at our new place we are surrounding by my great Aunts’ properties and remnants of their ancestors as well. Lucky for me a couple of great old cars are sitting out in the back 40 just waiting to have their pics taken. Thanks to my mom for the help herding the cats. I mean the children.

"Watch out for that cow poop!"

Good shot mom! We were even all looking at the camera which is a rare occasion!

There’s just a few to tease you! I’m in a rush to Pottery Barn to pick up a rug for my living room! Yay! Thanks to my grandma for my Christmas present! Bargain shopping is such a high. I found it online today on sale for $50 less than in the store. So I called the store and they have it in stock and they will match the price! Woohoo! Chic-Fil-A & PB here we come! (Daddy’s outta town-can you tell?)  🙂



After dropping Keri off at the airport, the kids fell asleep and we started driving home.  We made a small detour through Swietzer lake.  This is a very small lake but waterfowl of all kinds seem to think that it is their mecca.  Just as we were coming over the hill, the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon.  We’ll miss the topography and views of Colorado.

6 Frame Front Flip

Since we woke up to an inch or so of snow on the ground this morning I thought it would be fun to remember warm weather in Texas. Back in June I got to go to the lake with my buddy Brandon. He let me take a few pics of him showing off his skills. I was lucky enough to capture his first successful front flip on his wakeboard! I though it would be a good subject for a before and after.  The photos were taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T1i with a 55-250mm Lens.

Photo #1






Since I was able to catch this whole series I thought It would be awesome to combine them into one panoramic using PhotoShop CS3.  Lots of Cloning, Smuding, Copying, and Pasting later this was the outcome!

6 Frame Front flip!

It is not 100% perfect but I think it looks pretty good.  Had I known I was going to do this I could have made it easier on myself by zooming out while taking the pictures so I could have just used one frame for the background instead of stitching 3 of the frames together for the background.

This was a fun little project!

Red Mountain Pass

Can you believe it? It’s me (Keri) blogging about a Pass instead of Luke. This is one of my favorites by far. Of course I haven’t seen them all yet.  This one shows signs of life, which catches my attention.  The homes up on Red Mountain Pass are particularly picturesque, so when we drove through last week I couldn’t resist getting a few shots, with the fresh fall snow and the blue sky. This post is really for my mom because she loves old houses and photographing them, as curious as I am about their story.

These houses are right at the top or Red Mountain Pass, where the miners used to live and work. I adore the fact that they had turquoise trim. Behind every good miner is a women at home keeping it fresh!

Classic old bridge at the mining site

Another miner's dwelling

There is a whole little neighborhood, maybe 3-5 houses. You can't quite see them all from the road, so I'm not sure.

If you are a lover of mountains-this moves your soul.

Hope you nature lovers enjoyed these. Sorry to the people persons-you were probably bored. Pics of the babies next time!