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Fresh air. Deep breaths. Warmth on my back when I’m hunched in my garden. These are the things that keep me going from day to day. Isn’t spring so healing? Maybe it’s just me, pulling through the deep darkness of this past winter. The Lord gives and He takes away. This keeps reverberating through my mind. I also heard this echo in my mind 4 years ago. Standing in church with my eyes closed, trying to sing. Wanting to sing. But I had grief caught in my throat. You know that feeling? It’s just caught right there between a cry and a scream-but it’s stuck. Don’t move, maybe it won’t come out. That’s what I battled standing in church that day after my first miscarriage. And then, through the noise in my mind, a still small voice. He gives & He takes away Keri. A gush of air so sweet & fresh rushes into my lungs, like a river washing away my hurt. That river just kept on flowing. Through years of valleys during marriage, health problems, moves, dreams realized, dreams taken away, loss of life, loss of love, redemption of love. He gives & He takes away. That’s all you need to know. I don’t understand it, but I can trust it. That’s all I need to know to get me through.

The Mountains…

The mountains seemed to be stretching even higher than their normal stature yesterday. It’s such a neat opportunity to live close to such a phenomenon. I’m slowly learning they all have their own personalities and subtleties in their formations.  The Black Canyon and the hills surrounding it are constant and unchanging. They never change, but they are no less awe inspiring by their sameness from day to day, simply because you know the depth that lies behind them. The San Juan’s are moody and volatile-always grabbing my attention. One moment they are sunny and stately with their jagged edges alight in the morning sun. The next time I pass through the living room and glance out the glass doors they are dark and brooding. A storm will roll through, seemingly out of nowhere turning the mountains angry and threatening. It’s fury passes and the clouds clear; it takes my breath away to see the amount of snow that graces the towering tops. Moody mountains. But I don’t mind. Sometimes I feel as moody as they are-except they get to tout it from the heights and I tame my inner spirit. I wouldn’t mind being a mountain.

October and Politics

I may be cynical, weird, or both, but I get a kick out of listening to political smear campaign ads this time of year! I don’t know if the Radio and TV stations are even more liberal here in Western Colorado than back in Dallas, but the liberal ads smearing the conservatives are hilarious. It is as if there are absolutely no rules whatsoever! Last night, on TV, there was a commercial against one of the Senate hopefuls here, that happens to be a proponent of “The Fair Tax”. It went on and on about paying an additional 23% a the register every time you buy something. Imagine the most condescending tone of an old deep voiced man that you can think of then say these in your head… – “Can you imaging paying 23% more on your weekly grocery run?” “Don’t we pay enough tax already” “Why would we want to pay more?” Not once did the commercial mention that the fair tax would replace income tax. Not once did the ad explain that this is a pure consumption tax. I laughed out loud, I think Keri thought I was silly.

Today on the radio I heard the below ad against Ken Buck. I laugh a little each time I watch/hear it. The snippets that they show could be related to social security or he could just be fundamentally against wearing brown shoes with black pants. Who knows.

My Smear Ad…

“It is killing tons of tree’s everyday. America has become to dependent on it. 93% of Americans are addicted to it. Using to much of it can cause some serious problems…. Third world countries are getting along without it just fine. It takes up half an isle at Wal-Mart! It costs American Companies Millions of dollars every month. Your tax dollars are providing it for the White House. What is it???? Bathroom tissue, that’s right toilet paper.”

—– This super-lame example popped in my head. Of course i love TP, you can make fun of me all you want!

If you have any questions about the fair tax, get them answered here.

Does anyone else get a kick out of this or is it just me?