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Off on a new adventure. Again.

Well, it’s the truth. Our life is a great adventure and we are at another turning point. Luke has been offered a fantastic new job back in the Dallas area (Irving)-the kind you just can’t turn down. <sounds of  jubilant shouts of mothers, grandmothers & friends here> This is so bittersweet for us. We have loved our time on the Western Slope. I have really loved it and made so many great new friends. Our lifestyle is so different here, so much slower & I’ve really come to love that. We will be intentional in our new life in Texas to make our life & home fitting to our dreams and desires. I know we have both learned so much in this process and had our eyes opened in many areas of our life. We love it here in Colorado and will return frequently through the years I know, but it doesn’t make it any easier. What does make it easier is that our friends and family at home will eagerly greet us with open arms. We are so grateful to everyone who supported us through our life changing decisions in the last 18 months. We are excited to be near family again and to get on a lake in the summer that isn’t 65 degrees! Luke will return gleefully to his duck brothers. We will not return to our Chebi Ln house, as it is inhabited by college vagrants of the bachelor persuasion.  😉  Future location of Camp Thorkildsen to be announced.  We will find a new home and start a new leg of our journey in life. We will be back in Texas by the 20th of December, so go ahead and add us back on to your holiday party invite lists! All this change has made me independent on some levels, dependent on the Lord in all things and grateful for home, where ever it may be. I’ve learned that home can change locations and still be cozy and feel like home. As long as we are together, we are home. Luke is very excited about his new job, the comfort that he will be able to provide for our family and doing something new and challenging.  I know many of you might be shocked to read this on the blog, but it is an emotionally less taxing way for me to spread such big news to so many people. So we will see you all soon! Be patient with us, as our posting might not be as frequent in the next 2-3 weeks.  Just know that we will return. The blog, it’s purpose and drive behind it will be growing and changing over time as well.

Here we come!

Luke’s Job in Colorado

Although it may be boring to most of you, I thought it would be a good idea to share what I do with you.  I’m a Territory Manager for PrimeSource Building Products here on the Western Slope of Colorado.  I cover all of Western Colorado and even down into Farmington, NM.  I go from account to account, talking with buyers and managers trying to sell building products.  I’ve recently been focusing on converting my customers nail business to me.  We have the best nail and screw sets in the industry, as I’m sure you have seen them at Home Depot and Lowes.

A recent success I had was converting 27 feet of retail nail and screw business from a competitor.  I took before and after pictures so I can show other customers what I can do for them.  Look at how much better my new set looks.

This was the old screw set, they were having issues getting their orders...

Here is the new Grip-Rite screw set up, nice and color coded...

Old: The nails were mixed in with the screws and different coatings.

New: Much more organized...

Old: Right side of the nail set, very unorganized.

New: Much more organized!

Old: Deck Screw section was pretty weak!

New: Deck Screw section has a full selection of color and variety!

It took a day and a half to get this set up.  The store was open while I was doing it and customers kept asking me about where to find a nail.  I was amazed at how many nails sold each day.  I guess this set up is just a big vending machine!