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2011 DU Committee Fun Shoot

We had our Lake Ray Roberts DU committee 2011 kick off meeting on Sunday. As long has I have been hunting and shooting I have never officially shot skeet, sporting clays, or any other shooting event. I must say that it was a blast. We did a sporting clays shoot. Sporting cays is a lot like golf in that you go from hole to hole, or station to station to shoot the “birds”. Mechanical throwers launch the clays at varying angles and distances that mimic real hunting conditions. There is even a mock-rabbit where a extra tough clay is launched across the ground and you have to shoot it as it rolls. I was pretty nervous that I would be horrible at this but I really had a good time and I think I ended up shooting pretty well.

Here are a few pictures I was able to take.  The lighting was horrible for good pictures.  I kept trying to capture the shell as it ejects from the action but I could not get a fast enough shutter speed for it not to be blurry because there was not enough light.  Maybe next time!

Re-Loading Time

My buddy Shawn

I even made it on camera.

Check out that form.....

My favorite capture. If you look closely you can see where he just hit the clay.

Austin shooting at one of the "rabbits".

Shawn going for one of the hardest stations of the day.



After dropping Keri off at the airport, the kids fell asleep and we started driving home.  We made a small detour through Swietzer lake.  This is a very small lake but waterfowl of all kinds seem to think that it is their mecca.  Just as we were coming over the hill, the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon.  We’ll miss the topography and views of Colorado.

McClure Pass Snow

I had to go to Aspen today. I can go to Grand Junction then to Glenwood Springs and down to Aspen but the drive from GJ to Glenwood gets super boring. I decided to take McClure Pass. This is a much shorter route and with the promise of heavy snow in the forecast I thought it would be good “practice” to head over an easy pass to test the ole Tacoma on the snow packed roads… If you know anything about the area, the rain turned to snow at the Oxbow mines outside Paonia. The further I got towards McClure pass the heavier the snow fell. Can I just say how much I like driving in the snow. I love the sound on the windshield as the rain changes to snow. Once the precip is pure snow it gets eerily quiet! Even the road noise is quieter!

I felt like a kid today. I’m sure the customers I saw thought I was a lunatic. We’d be talking about nails and then I’d say “Would you look at that, it is picking up again” or “Whoa, you can’t even see the road from your window!”

I’m sure that the snow will soon become a nuisance, but for now I’m loving it. And it’s only OCTOBER!

Getting close to the top of McClure PassHere's the top, I bet Vail Pass (10,000 ish feet) was crazy!

These trucks were having some major issues. The one in the foreground was still there 6 hours later...

The pines all looked like flocked Christmas trees.

I love aspen trees.

Luke’s Job in Colorado

Although it may be boring to most of you, I thought it would be a good idea to share what I do with you.  I’m a Territory Manager for PrimeSource Building Products here on the Western Slope of Colorado.  I cover all of Western Colorado and even down into Farmington, NM.  I go from account to account, talking with buyers and managers trying to sell building products.  I’ve recently been focusing on converting my customers nail business to me.  We have the best nail and screw sets in the industry, as I’m sure you have seen them at Home Depot and Lowes.

A recent success I had was converting 27 feet of retail nail and screw business from a competitor.  I took before and after pictures so I can show other customers what I can do for them.  Look at how much better my new set looks.

This was the old screw set, they were having issues getting their orders...

Here is the new Grip-Rite screw set up, nice and color coded...

Old: The nails were mixed in with the screws and different coatings.

New: Much more organized...

Old: Right side of the nail set, very unorganized.

New: Much more organized!

Old: Deck Screw section was pretty weak!

New: Deck Screw section has a full selection of color and variety!

It took a day and a half to get this set up.  The store was open while I was doing it and customers kept asking me about where to find a nail.  I was amazed at how many nails sold each day.  I guess this set up is just a big vending machine!