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Camping in Colorado (a catching up post)

i am so far behind on doing anything with these pics, but i still have to share! Everything I have posted thus far on our Colorado trip was just pics from my phone, not the real deal pics. So that’s what I’ll try to do in the next few posts. This was our camping trip, which we drove straight to from our house…18hours & a lost $530 later, we rolled in to the campsite at 11:15 pm! Yes, after a solid 45 minutes of off roading, in the dark-don’t even ask. But it was all well worth it. Our friends were there waiting around the campfire with hugs & chairs & the menfolk had the tent set up in 5 minutes! Getting the kids down was the harder part. We were dying just to catch up with friends for even 5 minutes. And the kids had so much pent up energy. Anyways we all soon passed out & were ready to go for a few days of good solid adventure by sunrise if you can believe it. There’s just something about that mountain air that gives you the energy to do anything (or at least try).

This camping trip was unlike any other. There were about 40 people-11 families! It was so fun! We were so lucky to be included in our friends yearly 4th of July traditions-thanks Pollards for the invite! Here’s just a few shots…

Nature Girl

My Little Mountain Man

The Welcome Sign

there was an atv there & the kids were on it the whole time. I think it actually got started up & taken out one time.

Our camp spot, the river was right behind us. thank God, because I got so sick for about 24 hours & could barely make it out of the tent in time. I even showered in the river once like a true ruffian.


the view of our end of the commune from above

Part of the camp kitchen set up


Hot Springs





Last night we headed to the hot springs before Luke takes off today. He’ll be flying out to Reno for work until Wednesday & then back to Texas for about a week. Then back to Reno and back here on the 23rd for us to drive back to Texas. Sorry, tangent…anyways the drive to Ouray was so  beautiful with heavy wet blue clouds. We didn’t get any pics at the springs sadly because we were too busy swimming with the kids. The water was a perfect 85° and the steam rose into the 66° evening air. Afterwards we headed over to the Ouray Brewery to try out the beer. The kids got their first ever rootbeer float: Joss didn’t like the foam & thought the rootbeer tasted weird. But she was delighted to discover icecream underneath. Trip dove right in until he emerged announcing he had a tummy ache. Luke & I had a sausage plate with grilled apples & an amazing sauce & 2 new beers-for me a Camp Bird Kolsch brew & for Luke a Box Canyon Brown. The perfect hearty end to our mountain dip.



These guys were worn out! We joined the 4th annual Soap Creek Bash for en epic camping outing of 12 families (45 people!). It was such a blast! We are so blessed to.have been invited to join the families of Grace for such a great weekend. More pics will follow frm the real camera later.




The morning was nice, before the heartache of the lost money & the expiration of the kids attention span. We were in such a sweet place of fellowship as a family. I think Satan just decided to launch an attack. But we will not let him prevail or take our joy! My stupid mistake can certainly be God’s glory.



Is it bad that I’m glad gas is only 3.43.  I was geared up for $4.00.

Amarillo by Morning


So we’re headed out. Off on the ole adventure trail again-woohoo! We’re all so excited for some family time, cooler weather, mountain views, smores, campfires & some solid memory making.

Luke is…tracking our every move on 3 different map apps.

Joss is saying she’s hungry already.

Trip is babbling incessantly to his toy mac truck.

Momma is doing mental yoga & deep breathing excercises to still my nerves for the road ahead.

A trip to Barron Downs

A few weekends ago we ventured out to Stephenville, TX, population 20,000 people; 200,000,000 head of cattle. My sister Kelli & her horse trainer hubby live on 3,000 acres of wide open spaces. So we roamed, shot, fished, sat, whittled (just kidding), bulldozed burn piles, met new animal friends, ate, drank & were generally merry. We had a great time…

kids on a fence

the country life

a curious horse

Jossi horse whispering

My sis & seb

kids on a boat

Trip being brave...

Mommy being brave

pretty fish

my baby love

ya, I'm tough (notice the face of focus)