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6 Frame Front Flip

Since we woke up to an inch or so of snow on the ground this morning I thought it would be fun to remember warm weather in Texas. Back in June I got to go to the lake with my buddy Brandon. He let me take a few pics of him showing off his skills. I was lucky enough to capture his first successful front flip on his wakeboard! I though it would be a good subject for a before and after.  The photos were taken with our Canon EOS Rebel T1i with a 55-250mm Lens.

Photo #1






Since I was able to catch this whole series I thought It would be awesome to combine them into one panoramic using PhotoShop CS3.  Lots of Cloning, Smuding, Copying, and Pasting later this was the outcome!

6 Frame Front flip!

It is not 100% perfect but I think it looks pretty good.  Had I known I was going to do this I could have made it easier on myself by zooming out while taking the pictures so I could have just used one frame for the background instead of stitching 3 of the frames together for the background.

This was a fun little project!

Before and After

It was so cold at the Ouray hot springs, there was no way we could ask someone to take a group photo of us.  After we got home I went to town with Photo Shop.  Here is the end product!

Me and the Kids

Keri and Joss

After a little PS magic we end up with this…

It is not perfect but still looks pretty good!

Shot on our Canon T1i and edited in PS CS3.