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Wildlife Weekend

On Saturday we had every wildlife spotting that I could’ve hoped for while mom & Kel were in town. Except a bear. Which would’ve scared the s#!7 out of mom! So I was hoping we wouldn’t see one of those guys. Of course Luke saw one the day after they left. (Don’t tell mom!) We saw 3 herds of elk, plenty of deer, a fox and even a few classic old Colorado mountain men. Hahaha…Just kidding. Kelli & I were discussing how hair is such a big deal here. I’ve never seen more manly old men  with such gorgeous hair!  So here’s a few shots. Luke’s getting so good at the camera settings & editing. It was fairly dusky for a few of these. I took pics that turned out black & his were so great!


Elk splashing around in Upper Bear Creek


This crazy Dzo was kicking up it's heels & showing off for us.


Another heard of elk in the meadow down the hill from our house. Nice fuzzy antlers. Luke says in the height of summer they grow 1 inch a day!

God’s fiber optic flower



My grandma found & named the most incredible flower that either of us have ever seen. And it’s just a weed! It is the neatest looking weed I have ever seen for sure. Thank you God for showing us your majesty even in a weed!

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Oooooohhhhh my word, the poppies in Silverton were outrageous yesterday! They are by far my favorite flower. They are the most intensely cheerful color of orange and they make me smile. I wanted to pick armfuls, but I restrained myself so others could see their beauty.

A Red Bird Story

Aunt Wanda, or “Aunt Landa” as Joss calls her, knocked on the door a few days before Christmas, looking rosy and cozy in her big, pink, furry sweater, pink shoes, & matching pink rimmed glasses, with a present in hand. She wanted to stop by and bring us a housewarming gift (this is her home that we live in) and tell us Merry Christmas. What a sweet surprise! So, standing in the living room where she first lived with her husband of her youth, she gives us this gorgeous redbird wreath. “Listen,” she says in sweet, southern, exaggerated syllables, “I’ve got to tell you our red bird story.” She proceeded to tell us about how at the passing of her mother, she and 2 sisters spotted a redbird-their mother’s favorite bird- in the parking lot of the church. Then at their daddy’s funeral, another.  And at their sister’s visitation…I had chills just listening to her as she told us what a clear reminder the Lord had always blessed her with. The ones we love our always with us, in our hearts. And more importantly, says sweet Aunt Wanda, “He is always with us.”

Matthew 28:20 “And lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the age.” (Written on the Christmas card left by Aunt Wanda)

So, by Thursday of last week I think I’m going to die of restlessness soon. I peek outside and catch a glimpse of this healthy little guy eating the birdseed we had thrown out that morning! He brightened my day with a little reminder that I’m not alone.



After dropping Keri off at the airport, the kids fell asleep and we started driving home.  We made a small detour through Swietzer lake.  This is a very small lake but waterfowl of all kinds seem to think that it is their mecca.  Just as we were coming over the hill, the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon.  We’ll miss the topography and views of Colorado.

The Mountains…

The mountains seemed to be stretching even higher than their normal stature yesterday. It’s such a neat opportunity to live close to such a phenomenon. I’m slowly learning they all have their own personalities and subtleties in their formations.  The Black Canyon and the hills surrounding it are constant and unchanging. They never change, but they are no less awe inspiring by their sameness from day to day, simply because you know the depth that lies behind them. The San Juan’s are moody and volatile-always grabbing my attention. One moment they are sunny and stately with their jagged edges alight in the morning sun. The next time I pass through the living room and glance out the glass doors they are dark and brooding. A storm will roll through, seemingly out of nowhere turning the mountains angry and threatening. It’s fury passes and the clouds clear; it takes my breath away to see the amount of snow that graces the towering tops. Moody mountains. But I don’t mind. Sometimes I feel as moody as they are-except they get to tout it from the heights and I tame my inner spirit. I wouldn’t mind being a mountain.

Oh deer!

It is snowing like a white Christmas in Montrose. The biggest snowflakes I’ve seen are floating down so gracefully, you can’t help but have a romantic warmth in your spirit-even though we are still a long way off from Christmas. My sister texted to let me know that today is November 15th & that is the official day that the Dallas lite rock station starts to play Christmas music. It is a big day indeed! I caught these guys in the yard while I was enjoying a quiet lunch, with the kids down for naps.  I, of course, had been thinking about our life, days to come, the long winter and Luke traveling. Suddenly they crept up out of the channel behind our house and made the perfect scene outside my back doors. I gave a sigh of contentment as a went on about folding the laundry and completing other menial tasks. The graceful deer forage for food and count on God’s perfect timing to don their winter coats and stay warm. Am I not much more than these to the Lord? Thank you God for such a sweet reminder.

Matthew 10:29-31

29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.