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Better late than never. I tried to post all these pics before & after loading them, putting great captions, etc-they wouldn’t post & my saved draft was gone! So i was immensely frustrated & gave up altogether. But here they are. A few pics of the greatest Texas snow day I’ve had in a long time!

A Red Bird Story

Aunt Wanda, or “Aunt Landa” as Joss calls her, knocked on the door a few days before Christmas, looking rosy and cozy in her big, pink, furry sweater, pink shoes, & matching pink rimmed glasses, with a present in hand. She wanted to stop by and bring us a housewarming gift (this is her home that we live in) and tell us Merry Christmas. What a sweet surprise! So, standing in the living room where she first lived with her husband of her youth, she gives us this gorgeous redbird wreath. “Listen,” she says in sweet, southern, exaggerated syllables, “I’ve got to tell you our red bird story.” She proceeded to tell us about how at the passing of her mother, she and 2 sisters spotted a redbird-their mother’s favorite bird- in the parking lot of the church. Then at their daddy’s funeral, another.  And at their sister’s visitation…I had chills just listening to her as she told us what a clear reminder the Lord had always blessed her with. The ones we love our always with us, in our hearts. And more importantly, says sweet Aunt Wanda, “He is always with us.”

Matthew 28:20 “And lo, I am with you always, even until the end of the age.” (Written on the Christmas card left by Aunt Wanda)

So, by Thursday of last week I think I’m going to die of restlessness soon. I peek outside and catch a glimpse of this healthy little guy eating the birdseed we had thrown out that morning! He brightened my day with a little reminder that I’m not alone.

Welcome Home

A weekend of celebration led us, as it often does, straight into a week of fatigue and illness for poor Trip. He was miserable with a fever and persistent, thick cough.  He would come out of a coughing spasm saying “trah-tor, trah-tor” just begging to get outside on his new ride. But, as January birthdays go (I know from a lifetime of experience) you are often laid up in bed while your shiny new birthday present awaits you in the cold damp garage. To make matters colder, we got quite an unloading of Texas snow in the following days. (Texas snow: white fluffy matter that falls beautifully from the sky, hits the eternally warm concrete & turns to mud slush.) So Trip is hacking and begging tractor; mommie is begging sunshine & reprieve from ill 2 year old; Jossi exclaims “what’s the deal guys? let’s have a tea party!” And my mom texts me “Welcome Home Guys!” Only a Texan would think that a few inches of Texas snow is consolation for giving up life in the Western slope.  Haha-thanks anyways mom. It was the thought that counted.

So my time indoors is focused on (aside from the obvious motherly duties) finishing projects around the house, finishing an earwarmer I was knitting and starting a new knitting project, reading my book on square foot gardening & making plans and playing with my new cricut Luke got me for my birthday! YAY!

Hilltop House in the snow