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Family Night Out: Brunswick Bowl

About a month ago we began “family night out” as a special night where we go on an outting and do something fun all together. This has led to us brainstorming during the week if what we might want to do for our next FNO. Last weekend Luke had the fantastic idea od going bowling. The kids were unsure at first but quickly warmed up to the bumping music, root beer & foods that were paired with liquid cheese. Both of the kids were better bowlers than I. A great time was had by all, especially this jitterbug…
oh it won’t let me post the video frm my phone! It’s too big. I’ll have to add it later. image

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Game time!






The big day has come at last! Jossi’s first soccer practice was last night & her first game is tmrw. She’s so excited although she knows nothing really about soccer. It’s all about the pink socks & special shoes. I’m very excited for the fall & a new season!

The birthday after party

The after party carried on into the day with pottery painting and chic-fil-a with the girls. This was a blast & the girls each were so good & loved the painting.


Getting their instructions (such impressive attention span for a 3, 4 & 5 year old!)

Good color choices

Dancing in excitement








Riley stopped by to see the birthday girl (or his girlfriend-Hi Shelby! No one's sure which.)

Joss’ Birthday Tea Party

For Jossi’s 4th birthday we decided to keep it simple & host a tea party with her 2 little friends and the moms, grandma’s, aunt’s etc. I was really thrilled with the way it all turned out. It wasn’t too crazy and Joss had plenty of time and space to enjoy her day & her friends & lil bro’s company. All the details were so fun to work on. While in Colorado Elizabeth & I found the table cloth at Clubb’s & that began our whole inspiration for the tea party theme. I had such a great time making the decor & getting it all ready to surprise Joss in the morning. She couldn’t believe her eyes she said! It made it all worth while. Luke & I bought her a new princess dress for her special day.  Getting her all dressed was just as much fun as the rest of the day. We curled her hair, painted her nails, put on a tiny bit of make up. She couldn’t contain her twirls in her new dress.  Our fiery sprite is a little woman now, that’s for sure. 4 going on 14. This will be the story of her life. Slow down Jossi! I love every day of these years with you!


Flower Cupcakes


The princesses-so precious!

A family shot-we all dressed up...yes that is my prom dress from Jr year.

Trip making his move on the cupcakes

Fixing her tea up just right

Blue birthday candles-the most important detail, Jossi says

Making a wish

Ave eating only the best part-the icing

Trip pondering the things of girl-hood

Joss & Lolly (the best aunt in the world-she was the only one who dressed up with me!)

Such dainty manners

It takes great focus to pour a great cup of tea


Thank you sweet brother Trip and Avery & Audrey for being such a big part of making Jossi’s 4th birthday so special!

Our morning



Well for the first time in a long time we are just hanging out, playing outside & doing nothing. It’s been so nice. The kids worked in the garden with me, we spread garrett juice, gathered eggs, chased the kitties (the newest editions to the fam) & Joss caught this little friend all by herself.

Last week every day was spent at Chebi Lane cleaning, touching up paint, doing yard work & windows in preparation for our new tenants. They moved in this past weekend & all went smoothly. It was fun to have a project & job to work on. The kids did so great. They would just play or help me wipe windows & even took their naps over there on palets. It did make me miss living there-so bright, new & clean, but the space to roam out here is so great for the kids.

And this weekend was my sister’s birthday so we went out there to celebrate.  I’ll try to get caught up on posting pics this week.

A glimpse of the birthday beauty


I haven’t had time to post anything between Joss being so sick last week, then her birthday weekend & then I was sick saturday night. We are all well & full speed again (well I may still be half speed, but you get the picture). So here’s a glimpse of the birthday beauty with her girlies in her birthday gown to keep you hanging on till I can post real pics.

What a birthday present


Well, as I mentioned on the blog last friday Joss has had a fever off & on since that day. She never had any other significant symptoms, so I was just watching her & waiting it out to see if it would pass. She has been up & down all night most nights since we got home. No one else has beem getting sick from her. She’s told me a few times her back hurt and her eye hurt. But then she’d also say her boobie was hurting-just one of them. Needless to say it was hard to assess the situation. So last night we decided it was time to take her in. Poor girl, we got there & she’s clearly miserable. Come to find out her fever was a 105.5 on one side of her face & 106.1 on the other. I thought we were going to load back up & go straight to the hospital! So they gave her motrin (she was already on tylenol), dr. tom checked her out & she peed in a cup. She has blood, bacteria & high white blood cells in her urine. She looked great upon examination, so clearly it s a kidney infection. They gave her a shot of antibiotic, an rx for oral ab & she should be much better by morning. This isn’t quite the birthday we had planned for her, but I think she’ll bounce back fast. Dr. Tom said she is a tough one to look so good & functional with such a high fever. So we’ll keep you posted on her this weekend. We’d love your prayers for her quick recovery.

She insisted on trying to eat her corny dog & this is how I found her 5 minuted later. Looks like she got a few bites in before passing out!