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Wildlife Weekend

On Saturday we had every wildlife spotting that I could’ve hoped for while mom & Kel were in town. Except a bear. Which would’ve scared the s#!7 out of mom! So I was hoping we wouldn’t see one of those guys. Of course Luke saw one the day after they left. (Don’t tell mom!) We saw 3 herds of elk, plenty of deer, a fox and even a few classic old Colorado mountain men. Hahaha…Just kidding. Kelli & I were discussing how hair is such a big deal here. I’ve never seen more manly old men  with such gorgeous hair!  So here’s a few shots. Luke’s getting so good at the camera settings & editing. It was fairly dusky for a few of these. I took pics that turned out black & his were so great!


Elk splashing around in Upper Bear Creek


This crazy Dzo was kicking up it's heels & showing off for us.


Another heard of elk in the meadow down the hill from our house. Nice fuzzy antlers. Luke says in the height of summer they grow 1 inch a day!

One (or two) of Joss’ birthday gifts




These guys-I swear the first week I thought I was going to lose my mind, but now I love these little guys. They are constant entertainment for the kids. We actually play outside lately, despite the heat, to be with these kitties. Trip has taken a liking to the affectionate girl, the gray one & Joss to the feisty male, the white one, of course. They are so funny. We’ve learned a few hard lessons on how cats don’t like water, or dogs, or being carried around in a bucket or stuck in a sticky-pad mouse trap, but over all everyone is still happy and healthy (minus some tail & leg fur, a few scratches & a disappointed Kolbe-dog). All is well here on the dirt farm. Nighty night.

Our morning



Well for the first time in a long time we are just hanging out, playing outside & doing nothing. It’s been so nice. The kids worked in the garden with me, we spread garrett juice, gathered eggs, chased the kitties (the newest editions to the fam) & Joss caught this little friend all by herself.

Last week every day was spent at Chebi Lane cleaning, touching up paint, doing yard work & windows in preparation for our new tenants. They moved in this past weekend & all went smoothly. It was fun to have a project & job to work on. The kids did so great. They would just play or help me wipe windows & even took their naps over there on palets. It did make me miss living there-so bright, new & clean, but the space to roam out here is so great for the kids.

And this weekend was my sister’s birthday so we went out there to celebrate.  I’ll try to get caught up on posting pics this week.

Back on the Farm







This morning we visited our friends the Moss family. They were so great to let us visit all their miniature animals and go for rides. We had a playdate with them last winter & what a difference 8 months makes! Everyone was more independent & really enjoyed feeding the alpacas, gathering eggs (although Trip was freaked out by the noisy roosters) & chasing kitties. Thank you guys for a great morning! We love you.


The kids have been so into their newest pets-“feeshies!” as Trip calls them. My parents got their old fish tank out of the attic and decided that we needed a fish habitat to brighten our sitting room. And I couldn’t agree more! It has made that the brightest little corner in our kitchen area & the kids love feeding & taking  care of the fish. And the fish don’t talk back & I don’t have to clean up their poop. It couldn’t get much better than that!

Moving the chicks

This was a long time ago, but I the pics were cute so I’m posting them anyways. This was the evening that we moved the chicks from their habitat in the garage utility room to the hen house that Luke built them.

trying to control my chicken girl before she strangles one

hippy boy & the flying chick-this shot reminds of Joss, every time we pass a golden chicken she says, "Look! It's Chicken Fly!" & then once I heard her say to Trip , "Haha, I call Golden Chick Chicken Fly!" We've never even been there!

My favorite girl, Mrs. Greenfoot, may she rest in peace

Luke's favorite, & the friendliest of the bunch, Snow White. May she also rest in peace 🙁

Joss & handsome Pop

Crazy Joss

Duck, Duck, Turkey

You’ll find no geese here. Well, at least not yet. But we did get the cutest little ducks a few weeks ago and just this Saturday 3 turkeys. The ducks were so precious for the first few days, but now they are awkward, big bodied birds with funny little wings & no real feathers. The turkeys are sweet but stupid. I have been up twice a night since we got them because they already get out of their kiddie pool turkey habitat! The chicks didn’t get out for weeks. They just fly out & then stand there chirping so loud I can hear them all the way in my bed! This better be the best #@!%  Thanksgiving turkey dinner I’ve ever had. I don’t have pics of them yet but here are the ducks the weekend we got them.