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The progression of the toe

Well, now that it’s over I can post the pics & move on! <If you have a week stomach stop here!> I feel as though my big toe has taken on a persona all it’s own these last two months. Some would call her resilient, some would say brave, others still doubt if she’ll stick around or not. But let the facts speak for themselves. She’s all around been a loyal toe and I’ll keep her as long as she’ll have me. And who knows how long that may be.

In the ER waiting for pain meds...

Oops I moved my foot but the toe didn't follow...that nurse better back off soon...still no pain meds...

after being stepped on by a 2 year old little man who will remain unnamed

chubby foot

about 2.5 weeks after-sorry some pics are fuzzy, but the lack of detail is probably in your favor.

3.5 weeks

approx 1.5 months out

approx 1.5 months out

today-excuse the dirt, it's like a jungle out here after these storms the last few nights.

Notice how nice & short she is now-and I was worried about her being longer!  I’m so grateful for all the prayers and love from friends and family. For such a small appendage it sure has changed my perspective on life and death…more on that later. 😉