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Family Night Out: Brunswick Bowl

About a month ago we began “family night out” as a special night where we go on an outting and do something fun all together. This has led to us brainstorming during the week if what we might want to do for our next FNO. Last weekend Luke had the fantastic idea od going bowling. The kids were unsure at first but quickly warmed up to the bumping music, root beer & foods that were paired with liquid cheese. Both of the kids were better bowlers than I. A great time was had by all, especially this jitterbug…
oh it won’t let me post the video frm my phone! It’s too big. I’ll have to add it later. image

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Going for a dip





Jessie & I took the kids over to Baldridge Park to check out the creek running through. They dipped their feet in & declared it cold so we all just stood around watching the water rush by. Suddenly we hear a huge splash & Trip is up to his chin in chilly river water! I lunge over to help him, he’s scrambling up on his own already, totally dazed & a surprised looking as we were. The water was only about a foot deep and maybe 2 feet across-so I don’t know how he git in so fast. He fell in again on his way out & was pretty worked up about that cold water. Luckily I had back up shorts & undies. So we changed him & kept on playing with him jabbering on about going swimming in the cold water. I don’t know if he was chasing a butterfly or if he got brave for a moment or what. But either way we got quite a laugh out of it!

Luke says I should put up a disclaimer about why Trip is wearing my head band. Yesterday in Ouray he got so burned so today when I forgot his bandana I made him wear my headband so his ears & forhead wouldn’t get burned! Sorry he looks a little goofy-I think it’s cute!

Only in the mountains


Ya that’s awesome.

My little goat-herder

Joss loves her Aunt Lolli’s goats, Maybell & Duke. She talks about them all the time, tells me how much she misses them. When we go to visit all she wants to do is be out there with those goats. She is by far the cutest goat-herder I know.

The first pic I took...

Posing, once prompted by my mom...

And acting the part.

She takes this stuff pretty seriously. 🙂


These kids, they are trouble! These shots are from friday night. We had friends over & the girls terrorized Trip. He came out and said, “Jossi did it!”

The arm after the crime was committed

THe arm after the crime was commited

A close up of the victim

Crime scene

Dad Life

I’m sure many of you have seen this already but, for those that have not. Watch this to get a nice laugh!

Who do you love to bake with?

Jossi loves to bake. She asks me every day what we can bake today. We make birthday cakes for any one & everyone, cookies for daddy & muffins “for Trip” (we all know the truth about that one!). As much as I loathe mini-muffin tins & washing them when you don’t have any little paper cups, I love Jossi’s excitement over them even more. She definitely got a love of miniatures from me. I am obsessed with them & have been since I was little. So we started whipping up a yummy batch of muffins the other morning. She always hugs me while we are baking, grinning & tells me “momma, I love baking with you.” It’s really so precious. This time, of course since I had the video camera out, this is what she decides to say…