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The progress is slow around here, but it is giving us ample downtime to just be together as a family. After a month & a half of separation: Luke in hotels & eating 3 meals a day out and me at home doing the child rearin’ on my own-this is much needed time!  It’s actually fun “camping out” in our new house. I think Luke might be having wild minimalist ideas about what we can do with out. I can’t say that I haven’t had a few of my own. There’s some sort of familial bonding that happens when you all go to bed at the same time in the same room. Although I wouldn’t want to do it indefinitely. Momma needs some lovin’ if you know what I mean. So we have been papering the shelves, cleaning the floors & windows, drawing & doodling until we can doodle no more. And a movie in front of the fire in front of bed time.


Trip catching an afternoon snooze


My house cleaner


Shelving paper makes everything better


My handsome helper (I swear I work too & don't just stand around taking pics!)


Cozy evening time


Home Sweltering Home





Yes it’s true, records are being set daily here in Texas. Drought, heat, locust, frogs…ok maybe not frogs, but why not?! (There was even blood in the water at the pool today-some kid had a bloodt nose. Uck.)

We came home to one less turkey, the remaining turkey is nearly Trip’s size, ducks that can fly now, dead squash plants, huge tomato plants with no tomatoes, a forest of okra, a chance at some green beans 2 fresh eggs from the chickens and a dirty dog who helped himseld to a few new lounging holes. Oh summer on the dirt farm is a busy time. (the dirt farm is my new affectionate term for our homestead as the yard is now dried up to just dirt & sand burrs.)

Joss’ first real drawing.


We had family art night tonight.  Joss has been really quiet for a few minutes and then popped up and said look I drawed myself all by myself.  Keri and I were blown away.  Joss has never been able to draw anything other than abstract things and then she busts out this stick figure on its way to vacation in Antenna, Oklahoma Mexico.

Gettin’ Settled Texas-style

So, what a whirlwind this has been! Luke arrived on December 12 and began his new job on the 13th.  The packers/movers came to our Montrose house on Thursday December 16th & they were loaded and on the road by Friday at 2:00. Luke came in to town just in time to see them load my car on the 18wheeler. We grabbed lunch and then stayed our last 24 hours in Colorado with our friends the Greenfields. We enjoyed making a few last crazy memories with all 5 kids being rambuctious as always, had a great breakfast and headed to Grand Junction to catch our noon flight to DFW. It was the kids first flight and they did great! Then the Christmas holidays began full force with a Christmas brunch on Sunday, our stuff arriving on Monday, getting settled tues, wed thurs & then Christmas with all the family. Whew! I’m still recovering. So, if you haven’t heard from me yet-don’t be alarmed or offended! I’m still catching my breath & getting my house organized. Can’t wait to see everyone and catch up!

Me unlocking the front gate for the first time with my new set of keys.

Luke arrives in Texas a week before us to start his new job, stopping first at our house to help mom & dad with the prep-work.Christmas Kolbe (who is now ruined thanks to my parents who so graciously kept him for a week. He now expects grandparental treatment from us. Not happenin'!The front porch with lights my parents put up for the kids. It made it such a homey arrival!View from the front porch

Sunday Dinner

Today was a dreary day in the valley. The rain drizzled down in slow motion all day. Hubby is on the road again for a few days. So I thought a post about home might be a nice daydream. I must’ve been having a hankering for some southern vittles on Sunday. We went to early church, since little man still hasn’t adjusted to the time change & wakes up by 6am. We thought, might as well go to the early service since he’s tired by 10:45. I decided to make fried chicken (which I’ve never done), mashed potatoes, grilled corn on the cob & gravy. YUM! It was amazing, I have to say. Of course Joss didn’t touch it. But it didn’t even bother me. She was missing out poor girl. Trip did pretty well-I was able to bribe him with “dessert” of sweet paonia peaches. It was altogether a lovely Sunday dinner. The first & only one I’ve ever attempted. I can’t imagine cooking that way every day-it took me hours! The kids were out in no time, so I settled in on the couch, with a clean kitchen & a house smelling like home cooking. The dull roar of a football game eased me into a lazy Sunday nap. It was almost like being home again.

She’s acting positive here, unaware of what’s coming her way…

More of the House

Ok here is the rest of the house…

View from the front porch. That grassy area is where we play soccer & chase. It makes up a little for not having a grass yard. And we don’t have to mow it!

What a model!

Jossi’s castle

I don’t have tiebacks yet for her curtain so i’m constantly stuffing them behind things to let more sunlight in.

Jossi’s room is the same as it was in Denton. I wanted everything to be as familiar as possible when we came to Montrose so the kids could adjust quickly. I’ve been dying to decorate her room for some time now, but it will have to wait a while. Just 2 nights ago Joss informed us, in a wave of tears that she just needs a bigger bed. So yesterday, that was our project. She was pretty excited about it all & I let her help me take the screws out of her little bed & make the new bed. She went to bed last night with out one little complaint & slept all night. So hopefully it will last!

Her little bed turns into a headboard/footboard for a full size bed, but we were given everything for a twin, so we’ll use it until we get a full matress & springs.

This is the view from the front room.

We took this bed out of the front room to put in Joss’s room, so now it’s a big empty place where we have family wrestling time.

The dining room where I have done nothing. I’m just grateful to finally have a beautiful table-thank you Emily & Jonathan! We eat family meals here & love it!

The guest bathroom…

Ok that’s all for now. Trip’s room will have to come next!

A Friend is coming by for coffee…

…Come on in! I’m so glad you came by-I know it’s a long drive. The kids are asleep, this is great timing. I can’t wait to show you the house & I’m so excited to catch up. Come into the kitchen & let’s grab some coffee & sweets! Jossi & I bake a lot-so take your pick. She insists all muffins are better as mini-muffins. No, we didn’t make the bread. It’s chocolate zucchini from Great Harvest Bakery in town-it’s our new favorite. Check out my cute new little owl friends. They are salt & pepper shakers from Pier One. 5 bucks! I love them.

This is the kitchen (Scentsy Scent of the room: Exotic Vanilla blended with Banana Nut Bread)…
Yes that is my stack of junk! You know me, I have piles of ideas & things to do sitting around every corner.

…and this is one of the dining rooms that we’ve designated the kids corner-not unpacked or organized yet! This is where we learn a new letter each day, have our snacks & just general daily mayhem goes on here. I have my eye on a great piece from Ikea with fun baskets to get this area under control.

This is the back porch…a great play area for the kids. They play out here in the late afternoons when I’m getting dinner on. They love working in their “rock garden.”

Our room is back here…we love our view from bed. This room is so relaxing & fresh-it’s a nice get-away for my quiet time or to read while the kids nap. (Scentsy Scent: Vanilla Suede)
I love the window over the bed. It lets in so much bright sunlight.View from our bedroom window

Here is our bathroom-Luke thinks this is his personal resort. 😉
I’m so glad you came for a visit. We have so much to catch up on…