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Joss is growing up so fast!

They grow up so fast don’t they! Seriously…. Joss is almost 3 months old and already Keri and notice so much change and development in her. She is discovering her hands now. She does not have the coordination to hold her bottle but she sure does try hard. This makes feeding time way more fun. She thinks that she can hold the bottle up but she just whacks it out of her mouth and gets formula everywhere! We like to put this hat that is way to big on her so that the sun does not burn her forehead. She forgot to grow hair when she was in the womb. I think that she likes wearing the hat because this way people don’t know that she is pretty much bald. This bow is great. It is kind of like those sunglasses that girls wear. You know those huge ones where the person wearing them slightly over estimated the size of their head!
She really is so beautiful and the bow is adorable.

Joss’s First Walk

So Keri’s mom, Terri got this sweet baby harness thing and Joss loves it. At first we had her facing us like she is supposed to. Joss did not like that so much. So we faced her out and she loves it. So I think that she will like to travel!!!

This is what Keri and I do for fun

This is what Keri and I do for fun. This was a few weeks after we got married. We got to Farm sit so we would go around and make silly videos about it. Keri secretly wants to be a reporter. I think that she could do it if she really wanted to. If you know anyone in the news business let us know!!!

Keri Jo’s Labor

So we had Joss at a birthing center. We are not real big on doctors. The whole experience was amazing. Keri woke up at 1:45 A.M and we left our house at 2:30 A.M. We made it to the birthing center at about 3:00 A.M. even though Keri wanted me to take her to the emergency room. The midwife checked on everything and told Keri that she was dialated to an 8. About an hour and a half later, little Joss was born. 8 lbs 15 ozs. We were back home at our house by 7:30 A.M. the same day. How crazy was that.

Lukes First Blog

I guess I am new to this blogging business. I must admit that it feels kind of strange, funny and maybe a little familiar. I used to write my rants and raves, poems, journal entries, prayers, etc… all the time. It seems as though I have convinced myself that I am to busy for that non-sense anymore. Well I think that having a little baby girl has changed all that backwards thinking. I’m afraid that at some point along the way I quit feeling and experiencing things like I used to. I can’t pinpoint anything that would have caused this (probably just my laziness.) I used to be the guy with the camera or video camera to my eye all the time. I used to make stupid videos. I miss these things. I think that a combination of Joss, Keri Jo, Lauren & Jack, Clay & Emily, Brad & Jenny, and Chris & April have made want these things again. My “Little Trial Blaiser” (This is what I find myself calling Joss) has made me want to get my a*^ in gear as far as being a father and a husband.
I remember growing up there were those parents that were respected, revered, and then there were the ones that were either dead-beats or worse just kind of there. I would like to be the respected father, the one the my kids respect and the one that my kids friends look up to. – Seeing Keri Jo with little trail blaiser has shown me so much. I can not comprehend what it must be like to be a mother. It seems that she gets these super human bursts of energy in the middle of the night when all of the sudden she just springs out of bed as if she had not been asleep for 4 hours and not gotten 3 hours of sleep the night before. I am so so proud of her. I want to be a better husband. – Then there is Lauren & Jack. They will be watching Joss for us. They make me want to cherish this life more than I do right now and live life like it could be over any day. Lauren has gone through great tragedy and seeing the poise and wisdom that she has is inspiring. – Clay & Emily so good to hang out with them again. I have to admit that starting this blogging thing spawns from them. Keri & I are constantly saying that we need to take more pictures like Clay and Emily. I love the wall of 8×10 pictures they have in their dining room. – Then there is Brad & Jenny. I really look up to this couple. I see the patience they have with each other and life. I am jealous of how purposeful they are. – Chris and April. Man I know where Chris is right now, wondering what life is going to be like in 6 months. I don’t think that there is any way to prepare. I remember wondering will it be a boy or a girl? Will I be a good parent? How is that supposed to come out of there????

I guess that I am trying to thank all of our friends for being great examples.

Dude, I did not mean for this to get so long winded. I guess I just figured that if I did not type these things while I have been thinking of them they may never get said. I guess I will use this blog deal to let others in on what is going on in my head. That could get dangerous, I know.

I am tired and I don’t know if any of this makes any sense but I guess that I’m not getting a grade and you don’t have to read it. I think I’ll like this blogging thing.