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We forgot to post this…

Our Trip to Cabellas

Joss in her new Hat

The little girls choir in the background (notice Joss’s new hat! Dad loves it:)
Luke and Joss on the bridge

The biggest catfish we have ever seen it was almost 4 feet long fo real

Keri and Joss in the car

Luke and Joss in the parking lot

Alligator Gar

Joss was really into fish watching!

Keri and Joss in the car again! So cute!

Look at all those animals in the background

Family portrait

This was Thanksgiving weekend, but we forgot to put it up. We made a trip to the wild winderness playground that is Cabella’s. This might be the best outdoor fun to be had in Texas, (sadly, considering it’s indoors!). We took Joss & she loved it. We were there for hours, looking at all the great exhibits and Christmas shopping. Joss really got excited about the big aquariums. Her eyes were as big as silver dollars, staring at the giant catfish. It was altogether a joyous holiday experience.

Poppie & Josselin in her wintermint hat

Santa Joss
Luke & Keri on the Annual Brookhaven Golf Course Christmas walk. (This is the time during which we try to make ourselves feel better about the amount of food we’ve eaten).

Jossie the snowgirl. This was the ridiculously cute outfit my mom bought Joss. It was her grand entry getup everywhere we went on Christmas Day.

Time for a new topic

I told Luke our blog is becoming kind of boring. Hunting is boy stuff. So, I guess it’s high time I start contributing, huh? So I found this great little piece on making a happy home (in the sense of decor and ambiance). I just love her thinking on how to decorate the spaces that you live in. So here’s the a little intro on the blog entries to come. Let’s raise our glasses to a happy home in this New Year.

Creating a Happy Home
“I love quilts because the designs are so fresh, exuberant, and playful,” says interior designer and author Alexandra Stoddard. “Quilts bring emotional comfort to your home, and they make you smile.” The installments to follow will include some of Alexandra’s ideas on how to create a happy home with the things you love.
Written by Alexandra Stoddard. Photographs by Keith Scott Morton.


I caught a duck with my bear hands!!!!

Believe it or not I caught this little guy with my bear hands. I don’t think that he was injured or anything. I saw him swimming in the water and I started to follow him. He left little bubbles coming up so I followed the bubbles when he would dive under the water. I eventually figured out how long he could stay under and how far he could go. When he came up I grabbed him. He did seem a little nervous but I did not hurt him. It is odd that he was by himself. They are usually pretty social. In case you are wondering what kind he is. I believe that he is a drake (male) green wing teal. And just for the record I did let him go. I am not cruel. Sorry for the video quality I used my phone.

Hunting and Poaching

Austin and I took the dogs out early this morning to check out some new places to hunt for ducks. For those that don’t know there is a 2 week break in the middle of duck season which we are in the middle of. So we could not legally shoot anything today. Some people might think that hunting is kind of taboo, or that shooting ducks is cruel. I can see how someone might think that. I definitely enjoy just being outside with friends and with the dogs more than shooting. Hunting does serve a greater good though. If waterfowl populations are not kept under control they can and still sometimes do anyway destroy farmers crops. They can do some major damage a freshly planted field. Anyway, Austin and I go out this morning and we do not even take our guns. We get out of the truck, and unload the dogs and then…..BAM….BAMM. There was some one out there shooting at ducks. Remember that it is illegal right now to shoot ducks. There is a break in the season to give the ducks some time to rest. This made me so mad. Could these poachers not have waited 7 more days for the ducks to be in season again? Could they not follow the simple laws that the texas parks and wildlife established for good reasons?
After we got closer to the villans they must have felt guilty because they did not fire another shot. I felt good about that. We did find some great new places to hunt from next weekend when ducks are back in season. The dogs had a great time and we saw 3 bucks out there. One of them was a 10 point. Who knew that Denton had so much wildlife?!!!!!