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4th Anniversary

April 24th, 2008 was our 4th wedding anniversary. I decided that to surprise Keri and take her to the Gaylord Texan. The Gaylord Texan (from here on referred to as the ‘Texan’ – I don’t like typing gaylord over and over again) is a pretty nice hotel in Grapevine, TX. I told her that I was taking a few days off work and that she needed to pack her and Joss up to on a small trip. Well Joss was only headed to Keri’s grandparents to stay the night. This part of the surprise was spoiled because Keri could not handle not knowing where Joss would be sleeping. I could tell that her motherly instincts were eating her up inside. She really needed to know where Joss was going to be sleeping so that she could plan accordingly. So…. I caved in and told her that Joss would not be joining us on our little outing.

After we dropped Joss off, Keri kept guessing where we were going. She actually did guess the ‘Texan’ but I said “I don’t think we could afford that.” She moved on to guessing other places. I could not blindfold her because she would have gotten carsick so I started thinking that I wanted to throw her off. So as we are headed toward grapevine I pulled into the Bass Pro Shop parking lot and drove towards the Embassy Suites hotel. After pulling through the little check in roundabout thing and after the valet parking guy looked at us like what are you doing, I speed off and said “Well this is not the place.” She was just dying to know at this point. So we started toward the ‘Texan’. Well directly across from the ‘Texan’ is a new place called The Great Wolf Lodge. I started to pull in to the check in round about here too and said that “I wanted to stay at the ‘Texan’ but all the rooms were booked- so this was the next best thing.” Psych I pulled a u-turn and we headed toward the ‘Texan’. At this point Keri was pretty confused so I as I pulled up to the ‘Texan’ I pulled the same u-turn trick and she was about to hit me with confusion. We back tracked a little and then I turned around again and divulged the plan. We had a Deluxe Suite, and dinner reservations at Ama Lur.

When I called to get a room I just wanted a normal room because the suites are really expensive. When they asked me why I was staying I told them that we had stayed there on our honey moon back when they first opened the hotel, and that I wanted to come back. They told me they would see what they could do to give me a free upgrade. UPGRADE they did. That deluxe suite was almost as big as our house. We had a great time. Keri was surprised. What a great 4 years. God is good. Thanks.

Here are a few pics

We took a lot of self pictures using the timer:

There was a really big train track set up:

Near the outdoor pool

We took a lot of flower pictures. The flowers were pretty:

This is the restraunt we ate at. AWESOME FOOD!!!

Joss did not go but I love this picture!!!!

A picture of our room on the 6th floor with a balcony.

Another cool flower pic:

Long time coming

Wow. It has been a long time since the last post. I have been meaning to update this thing but I have not gotten around to it. Here is the quick update. Joss is growing and developing like a weed. She will be walking soon. She now has 3 teeth. Luke is almost done with school. Can’t wait for that. It will seem like we have so much more time on our hands. Keri is now working part-time. We are so glad that she can stay home with Joss 2 days a week. Luke has been building a shed in the back yard. Keri has been doing some serious front yard flower bedding (if flower bedding is not a word then it should be…kind of like gardening). It looks great. More detailed post will hopefully follow soon. Here is a compilation of pictures describing the previous ruckus.

I told Joss that she was using to many diapers and she was going to have to start pulling her weight around here. Jenny gave Joss a job as a part time administrative assistant. I hope Jenny likes everything crumpled up and slobery.

This is Lukes shed it is still not done but it is close. Thanks to Papa Danny, Darren and Austin for the help so far.

This is Joss in her Easter dress Keri sewed it herself. Well maybe not.

Joss is actually a pretty good eater. Can one be a good eater??

Here is a pic of Keri’s flowerbedding. Now there are more flowers in it. But you will just have to come see those in person.