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the shed is finally done

i finally finished the shed in our back yard that i have been working on since feb. Thanks to the help of keri’s grandpa my parents, Jake and Austin. I cant wait to get the garage cleaned out and get all the junk moved into the shed in a nice orderly fashion.

Now i just have to finish the bathroom tile project in the next month 🙂

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Old pics of Joss

These were back in April, but I never showed them to anyone. How aweful of me! Of course now she has more teeth, more hair and still eats flowers. Yumm. So the news is that Luke got an official offer that is in Carrolton-whew. We’re relieved just to know where we’ll be when our 4th family member joins us. Jan 2nd is the due date by the way. Ok, that’s all I have time for.

Negligent Bloggers

So i guess you could say Luke & I are negligent bloggers: inconsistent, uninformative and boring. Or life is just too nuts for taking 5 minutes to type it all down for all to see. I love reading other’s blogs & when they go 3 days with out a new post I think “Come on Jenny! Time for a new post girl-get it together!” or “April, I need to see new pics of Avery. Now get on the ball!” How unfair of me to be so demanding of a blog-reader. So here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Luke: New job, Prime Source; will it be Denver or Carrolton. Denver. No Carrolton. No Denver. No Seattle-just kidding. It seems to change every day. Today it looks like Carrolton.
  2. Keri: working is hard while growing a baby & chasing a baby. But at least I’m still skinny right? Well, aside from the bump.
  3. Joss: man life is rough when you want to walk, but aren’t willing to give up crawling. And these teeth that keep coming in are awfully annoying. Especially the 2 latest that have popped in out of order. The 2 laterals are in leaving a giant space for the 2 front teeth. It’s so funny looking!
  4. House: Luke has torn out the back bathroom & everything that could have gone wrong has. Poor guy. But progress is being made.
  5. Baby Deuce: growing and sucking the life out of mum. I go to my 1st appt next Monday. I feel great, aside from tiredness.

Is that everything? That’s at least the things i get asked about the most. so consider yourself updated.