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A few Lake City shots

The tallest peak in the middle of the pic, to the left of Luke is the one we climbed (Umcompahgre Peak).
Luke heating up water for me to wash my face-what a good wilderness hubby!
Me & Kolbe hanging out
Luke & I on the 4th in the city park before the fire works show in Lake City
Luke & Kolbe while we were taking a break during the climb.

Joss in a box

Well, for those of you have never seen one, this is what a Joss-in-a-box looks like. (And yes this is generally what my living room looks like as well). We could not have a happier kiddo! She is just a hoot. This is a very random post but I feel like such a bad blogger, I thought I’d throw it on here.

independance day

we made it safely to lake city yesterday. we are having a great time. we camped last night right next to henson creek. it was so nice sleeping with the sound of the river. it got pretty cold but we were prepared for it. this is such a fun towm to be in right now. there are motorcycles, vespas, jeeps, dogs, people everywhere. We are already trying to plan our next trip with Joss and luke jr. for next year.

don’t forget to click the link to view the pictures posted from my blackberry.

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are we there yet?

so last night around 9pm we left ole D-town behind to do some travelin. but apparently we are older than the last time we took a colorful colorado road trip. we had to stop & sleep for about 3 hrs outside of Capulan. i know-Luke?! sleep?! you’re asking. yes, we are aging. or we had a kid, something like that. So no we are not there yet, but we are taking our time (since Lil momma has to potty alot) & Kolbe’s dog breath is so unbearable i’m about to spray Car Fabric Febreeze in his mouth while Luke’s pumping gas. but we are enjoying every site.

oh and we narrowly missed nailing a deer when a man sped past us, and 60 seconds later we passed him & poor bambi, rest his soul. thank you Lord for your protection. and yes i was buckled up.

to see pic click link

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