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Our little water bug

Joss has been in “swim lessons” at the Denton natatorium the last 2 weeks & it’s been so fun. It’s actually been more like prenatal water arobics for me, since I have to be in the water & holding her the whole time. But hey, at least it’s kept my weight gain at bay! (Last time I gained 50 pounds and this time i”m 20 weeks & I’ve only gained 6.5!!!) Side note there. Ok so here are some pics. We all know that’s why everyone looks at blogs anyways. Let’s just be honest.

The 2nd pic has Jenn & Caden Wardlaw in the background-our buddies. Caden is a week older & Jenn & I work together. She might kill me for putting her on the internet in her swimsuit, but she’s just such a cute mommie I couldn’t resist! The last pic is of Zach & Caden on the boogie board. He was loving it. The 2nd to last pic is the dads enjoying “Mommie and me” swim lessons. Such good daddies we have. My Mom and dad were at lessons today so we should have better pics soon.