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On a more serious note…

Proverbs 11:15

“He that is surety (collateral or like a co-signer) for a stranger shall smart for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure.”

This is a tough lesson Luke & I are learning right now. In our nightly devotion last week this was the verse. The way they explained it was so concise & clear-I thought I should share it with every one so those who may wonder what we’re doing & thinking might understand better.

“Credit is necessary in order to live in this day & age, but credit is a tool. It is to be used, not abused. To purchase beyond our means is to steal. We are not entitled to something for nothing. It is much better to buy that which we can pay for. Debt is a trap. We can be swept in before we know what is happening.
Only God should control our lives. Certainly, we should not sell ourselves into bondage to material possessions. Being debt free makes us able to follow God and all His commandments. When we fall into debt, we must turn our attentions from God to the almighty dollar. When we are solvent, we are free to focus our attentions solely on God.”

Little Helper

Joss is so excited every morning when she wakes up to see “baby chipper” as she calls him. She puts her hands up as if to say “where is he” & gives him such a big slobbery kiss & head lock-style hug.  The other day I came around the corner & she had the colander in Trip’s face & she was saying “stir, stir, stir baby chip.”  He’s so good natured. He just takes it all in. He gets laid on, sat on, smacked, poked & “teeko teeko” (tickle tickle) at all day. These pics were taken with my blackberry so they aren’t very good, but they still captured the moment. 

My retirement

Meet the future Dr. Thork…

This is Joss with Dr. Tom, our favorite doc in the world. She loves him so much! We were there for Trip’s 4 month visit & Joss wouldn’t even let us visit until he checked her heart. She kept saying “ort, ort, ort” (heart) & “ears, nose, teeth.” So he gave her the once over & pronouced her beautiful, healthy & a very big talker & we finally moved on. Until she decided she needed to listen to Dr. Tom’s heart, and Trip’s, and mommie’s. It was a hoot. Dr. Tom said Joss will be one of those rare 2 year olds you can have a full conversation with. Oh, and a doctor too. 

a few pics

here’s a few random pics

Trip in his usual camera-in-face pose
Joss dying Easter eggs

Joss in her usual state of excitement