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Nelle & Lizzy-from Luke

“Awww! Lukey you shouldn’t have!” This is what I squealed when I got my gift card to Nelle&Lizzy to pick out my mothers ring. It arrived a while back & I keep forgetting to blog about it. I love my ring I where it every day. It was a move of the grandest husbandry on my man’s part. I was so surprised. It took me forever to decide what I wanted & commit. The packaging is so fantastic when you get it you just want to stare at it. It couldn’t possibley look as adorable on your finger as it does in that tiny box of lavendar witht the little flower bud…no, wait…it does look as adorable on my finger!!! Yeah! Well here’s some pics, although they don’t do it justice. I’m sure it’s too fuzzy to see “Trip” & “Joss” engraved on the individual rings. (I can’t figure out how to do real close up shots on my little point & shoot cam. Any suggestions?)

Inspiration all Around

Well I’m addicted. I’ve found myself lately using words that I often tease April for saying 10 times a day: “on this blog I read…” So now I can no longer poke at her, for there is a log in my own eye!

Aaahhh, back to the inspiring. Well, there has been this air of creativity floating all about me for a few weeks now. I have most recently become fascinated with pinwheels. Jossi calls them “round & rounds” because they go round &…well you know the rest. So this has become the theme for her birthday bash coming up on Saturday. Yeah! We will have pinwheel cupcake toppers, a home made cake from scratch (pictures to follow) made by your truly, complete with fresh marshmallow fondant! I have found pinwheels to be particularly mesmerising as of late. If you get a puff of wind in the sweltering summer heat & your pinwheel begins to turn, it’s bright colors whirling into one…you can get lost in a stare. I can relate to Joss on so many levels when I get down on the floor & take in her view. It’s just taking that time to get down there that is the challenge. I am very excited about her 2nd birthday party & to see how all my fun little details turn out. Stay tuned to find out yourself! (Actually I’d better see you all there to find out in person!). Pic of hand made pinwheels is from Twirlie Whirlies Etsy shop, romantic pinwheel shot from Dana & Jeremy Photography