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Our Little Guy

I took a few pics of Trip today.  He is so hard to take pictures of.  He will not look at the camera.  I took 80 pictures to get these 3.  I saw this bed of leaves and thought it would be nice for some pictures, so here they are!  The first pic is untouched.  I played around with some post processing on the last 3.

Brandons Wood Duck 11-14-09

Brandons Woodie 11-14-09 LR, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

I was playing around with Adobe Lightroom and thought that this would make an awesome computer background for those that like duck hunting.

Chris’s Wood Duck

IMG_0780, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

Chris bagged a nice drake wood duck today. Great shot Chris!


T1i 11-11-09 020, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

Just wanted to throw a quick picture of Kolbe that Keri took a few weeks ago. He has finally calmed down after 5 years of acting like a puppy. He has also been a really good hunting companion. I think he likes ducks hunting as much or more than I do!

Throwing out the Deke’s

T1i 11-11-09 027, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

Keri took this photo when we went hunting together. Great shot.

Awesome Wife

T1i 11-11-09 051, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

I have an awesome wife. She went hunting with me. Hopefully we will be able to get out many, many more times together. And maybe next time we will get to shoot…..

New house _ Street view

T1i 11-11-09 061, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

View From the outside of the new house.