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Trip is 1

How is it possible that my sunshine is 1 already? It seems like just a few weeks ago I was holding him, laughing & falling in love the day he came into my arms. God has truly blesses us with such a happy son. Not a day goes by that I don’t think how sweet & huggable he is.

My top 5 favorite things about Trip:
1. He lets me hold him as long as I want to.
2. Even when he’s trying my patience he is still grinning & so sweet about it-he’s going to be so hard to disipline. That is of course if he ever needs it. 😉
3. He says “eeeeese!” for pictures (“cheese!)
4. His soft cheeks & deep blue eyes swallow my heart every day.
5. He promised me he would never grow up.
Ok so the last one isn’t true, but a momma can dream can’t she?

Baking with Joss

First let me start off with a shout out to my baker in training who helped me make Trip’s birthday cake. Since Trip doesn’t care about what kind of cake he has at this point, I let Joss pick. So of course she picked her favorite-chwocwate. She’s a smart one. She really just wants to “help with the cake” (read: eat chwocwate batter). We have so much fun when we bake together. I love baking so much & just don’t get to do it enough. She insisted we use the kitchen aid mixer-she’s a girl after my own heart. I think every young bride should have a kitchen aid mixer in her kitchen repertoire-it makes a world of difference. Thank you to my kindest & dearest Kimmie & Chris Pearson for my “wedding gift” mixer! See the link for Kimmie’s baking lessons with Jossi. Here are a few pics of Joss in action.


IMG_2798, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

Thought I should put up a recent pic from Christmas. It get so hard to blog sometimes.

Christmas was a blast. First white Christmas ever (for us in Texas anyway)!

Trip will be 1 on the Tuesday!!!

Our house should be ready really soon.