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Team DBC Outdoors Ministry

IMG_5125, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

DBC has an outdoors Ministry that allows for guys who love the outdoors, to come together and fellowship around this common interest. A recent event held on April 24, 2010, was 3d Archery shoot. We put a team together and went out to the Cinnamon Creek Archery Range in Argyle. This was a great event at a great venue. We shot at 50 targets ranging from 15 to 40 yards. There was a good mix of animals, deer, hogs, bears, turkey, elk, moose, frog, raccoon, and more. I took the camera out (click on the picture to see more pics) and got a few shots, however, I failed to charge the battery so I only got a few.

Looking forward to doing this again sometime!

DBSM Mud Fest Volleyball Tournament

IMG_5546, originally uploaded by LukeT123.

Today was the first annual Mud Fest Volleyball Tournament put on by the Denton Bible Student Ministries team in conjunction with the Denton Area FCA. It was awesome!!! Keri reffed most of the games so I had kid duty. I loaded Trip in the backpack carrier and Joss has so many friends at DBSM now that I was able to get a few pics. Some of them turned out really well. This is one of my favorites. Look at all the mud and water splashing. I was able to catch this student mid-air as he leaped onto the dog pile! (click on the picture to view more pics from the event)

This was a really exciting event. The students got ridiculously dirty, and had a blast. There were 2 mud courts that saw non-stop action all day long. The weather leading up to this was perfect. We got tons of rain yesterday and today the sun ended up coming out.

Good times!!!!