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Downtown Candy Harvesting

We heard about a costume contest this morning at the downtown pavilion so we thought “why not?” The more chances to dress up & play, the better! So we loaded up & headed on down. It turned out to be really fun. All the kids got to line up & walk across the stage to be announced and get their goodie bags.  Trip was a puppy-last minute decision by dad. I didn’t really plan on dressing him up because he is at such a difficult age sometimes you can’t even keep a hat on him. But Luke-ever resourceful went digging through the dress-up bin and found the ole puppy suit. So Trip came waddling out this morning saying “I puppy, I puppy!” I just about fell over with giggles and affection. He is the cutest puppy I’ve seen in ages! And Jossi insisted on being a princess-not just any princess, but a princess in blue. So We trekked to walmart-me thinking I’d be super mom & whip out a little blue princess get up in a day or 2. Then while wondering through the toy isle we came across a Cinderella gown complete with jewelry, glass slippers & all. How could I say no to that? $2o and boom-we’re done! Sounds great to me! So it all worked out quite well. Here we are traipsing around the downtown area harvesting candy from the doting shop owners.

I love my trick or treaters!

little puppy love

It's all about the accessories.

Kolbe-dog, such a good sport.

Sibling love

Little puppy with his treats. We might have to go on a puppy diet-check out that midsection!

Princess in blue (and pajamas).

I couldn't resist posting this pic-just because Joss' face is priceless.

Making friends.

Journey Home

We are finally home-whew!  I am so tired right now I could lay across my bed & not budge for 3 hours. But I know I have some catching up to do here-so I’d better get to it! We decided to make a dash to Texas very spur of the moment, which is why it’s been a little bit of a whirlwind getting there, seeing everyone we could manage to see & heading back in what seemed like the blink of an eye, but was really 2 weeks! I’ve never been away from home for that long. So we are catching up on sleep, laundry, time with daddy/hubby, posting, etc., etc…

The drive home was challenging for us, but held great reward at the end. Luke was waiting for us in Durango where he had been working. He had us checked into a hotel and was all arms and kisses. It was such a great reunion. Joss was screaming “Lukey, Lukey!” and Trip was kicking his feet so fast I thought he would fly away hollering “doddeeee! dodeeee!” Kolbe was probably the most excited of us all! We had a great dinner at Steamworks & then we crashed early, exhausted from our day. Luke worked the next morning in Durango and we headed home to Montrose, stopping for a break at Molas Pass. It was beautiful! Joss was pretty upset I had not packed her mittens & snow suit. We had a little episode over cold hands & why we couldn’t build a snow man. I promised her we’d come back in a week or 2, fully geared up for her to build snowmen to her heart’s content. Here’s a few shots.

Who can resist lens flair? Not I!

My little snow eater

Caught in the act.

Snow dog-see that smile?

Trip was eating an Oreo in the car-but still makes a cute baby model!

The men

Before and After

It was so cold at the Ouray hot springs, there was no way we could ask someone to take a group photo of us.  After we got home I went to town with Photo Shop.  Here is the end product!

Me and the Kids

Keri and Joss

After a little PS magic we end up with this…

It is not perfect but still looks pretty good!

Shot on our Canon T1i and edited in PS CS3.

McClure Pass Snow

I had to go to Aspen today. I can go to Grand Junction then to Glenwood Springs and down to Aspen but the drive from GJ to Glenwood gets super boring. I decided to take McClure Pass. This is a much shorter route and with the promise of heavy snow in the forecast I thought it would be good “practice” to head over an easy pass to test the ole Tacoma on the snow packed roads… If you know anything about the area, the rain turned to snow at the Oxbow mines outside Paonia. The further I got towards McClure pass the heavier the snow fell. Can I just say how much I like driving in the snow. I love the sound on the windshield as the rain changes to snow. Once the precip is pure snow it gets eerily quiet! Even the road noise is quieter!

I felt like a kid today. I’m sure the customers I saw thought I was a lunatic. We’d be talking about nails and then I’d say “Would you look at that, it is picking up again” or “Whoa, you can’t even see the road from your window!”

I’m sure that the snow will soon become a nuisance, but for now I’m loving it. And it’s only OCTOBER!

Getting close to the top of McClure PassHere's the top, I bet Vail Pass (10,000 ish feet) was crazy!

These trucks were having some major issues. The one in the foreground was still there 6 hours later...

The pines all looked like flocked Christmas trees.

I love aspen trees.

Luke’s Job in Colorado

Although it may be boring to most of you, I thought it would be a good idea to share what I do with you.  I’m a Territory Manager for PrimeSource Building Products here on the Western Slope of Colorado.  I cover all of Western Colorado and even down into Farmington, NM.  I go from account to account, talking with buyers and managers trying to sell building products.  I’ve recently been focusing on converting my customers nail business to me.  We have the best nail and screw sets in the industry, as I’m sure you have seen them at Home Depot and Lowes.

A recent success I had was converting 27 feet of retail nail and screw business from a competitor.  I took before and after pictures so I can show other customers what I can do for them.  Look at how much better my new set looks.

This was the old screw set, they were having issues getting their orders...

Here is the new Grip-Rite screw set up, nice and color coded...

Old: The nails were mixed in with the screws and different coatings.

New: Much more organized...

Old: Right side of the nail set, very unorganized.

New: Much more organized!

Old: Deck Screw section was pretty weak!

New: Deck Screw section has a full selection of color and variety!

It took a day and a half to get this set up.  The store was open while I was doing it and customers kept asking me about where to find a nail.  I was amazed at how many nails sold each day.  I guess this set up is just a big vending machine!

Airplanes-Trip’s favorite topic

Well, one of them. He loves “choo choo trucks” too. (That category covers all locomotives, eighteen wheelers, pickup trucks & everything in between!) We are still in Texas packing in lots of loving & attention for the kids. They’ll be rotten by the time we get home, I’m sure! These shots are from our weekend at 1000 Trails, the cabins at Texoma.  They had a little airshow going on the weekend we were there. Trip was so excited. As was my brother Riley. It seems boys of all ages have the same soaring spirit of adventure & get bit by the same bugs. It was really fun to see them both be so excited over the planes, the sights and the sounds. The old men pilots were story tellers of old, each one so proud of their machine, when they’d bought it, for how much & all they’d done to it since. “Take a look at that…” they’d say like it was no big deal, but just bursting at the seams with pride, waiting to see your reaction to their skilled handiwork.

Here’s a few fun shots…

Trip calls this the "geen pane"

This was my fave-an old cessna refurbed

Brother stylin'

This was the Sea-Bee

Joss explaining to Pop how it works.

Was this too many pictures? I may have gone overboard.


Playtime at Paradise Pond

Visiting texas has been so great. We have only been at home base (my parents house) long enough to sleep & then we’re off to see more friends & family. This morning we are enjoying a good drenching. It’s not as cold here as in Montrose, but it is a cozy, rainy fall Texas day. A good cup of coffee & some blogging time make this day almost perfect. Only Luke showing up at the door, soaking wet to suprise me could make it any better. 🙂

On Friday we went to Paradise Pond at First Baptist Church Grapevine with several mom friends.  It is such a great place! It’s only a dollar per kid. They have every kind of play area a little one could wish for. In case you’ve noticed a change in my blog-style I have to tell you, I only have my little point & shoot camera & no photo editing soft ware. Which for me is half the fun of blogging! But I didn’t want any body to quit reading us for lack of posting, so bear with me until I get back to my usual tools of artistry!

The 2 princesses were hard to catch for a good pic.

Trip might be quite the baller one day-maybe a few more inches would help.

It's so fun to see Avery's interest in trip now that he can keep up. She dotes on him constantly!

Joss loves being a princess...I'm sure you'll see more of this come Halloween.

I want one of these at home! Trip loved climbing on this & jumping off.

Cade in action-we can't call him Baby Cade any more because he is so big running around with all the older kids!