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Skiing Crested Butte in November!

Keri and I dropped off the kids with our friends Jeremiah and Elizabeth on Friday and headed for Crested Butte! It was a blast. We’ll put up more pictures later, but for now here is a quick little video I put together. It is a little choppy, I used my point and shoot!

Duck hunter in training

Joss and Trip are really into ducks and duck calls. Check out this funny video of Joss telling Keri about duck calls in the Cabela’s Waterfowl Catalog.

The Mountains…

The mountains seemed to be stretching even higher than their normal stature yesterday. It’s such a neat opportunity to live close to such a phenomenon. I’m slowly learning they all have their own personalities and subtleties in their formations.  The Black Canyon and the hills surrounding it are constant and unchanging. They never change, but they are no less awe inspiring by their sameness from day to day, simply because you know the depth that lies behind them. The San Juan’s are moody and volatile-always grabbing my attention. One moment they are sunny and stately with their jagged edges alight in the morning sun. The next time I pass through the living room and glance out the glass doors they are dark and brooding. A storm will roll through, seemingly out of nowhere turning the mountains angry and threatening. It’s fury passes and the clouds clear; it takes my breath away to see the amount of snow that graces the towering tops. Moody mountains. But I don’t mind. Sometimes I feel as moody as they are-except they get to tout it from the heights and I tame my inner spirit. I wouldn’t mind being a mountain.

Home made play dough

Saturday I was about to go nuts with the early darkness and got the bug to do something hands on with the little ones. So, home made playdough became the challenge for the night. With ingredients we had on hand, we whipped up a batch of gooey fun. Joss loved making it and Trip loved playing with it. So, it was a hit!

So excited to use her favorite color, bright blue.

Simple ingredients.

Is this really going to turn out like playdough?! It looks like mash potatoes.

The fun begins.

Mom, I can't help you. I'm very busy working.

Easter colored playdough

Trip says, "do I eat this or play with it?"

Successful playtime with home made playdough!

Saturday Fun

Saturday morning Luke headed out to our friend’s the Greenfield’s place to hunt with Jeremiah. The night before Elizabeth & I had been at MOPS night out and thought it might be fun to hang out and do breakfast. So we headed over at about 9 am. We were met with bacon & home made doughnuts on the fryer, 2 happy boys, one happy dog, 8 dead ducks and a day of fun. We had a great breakfast and lots of coffee. Then the guys and kids decided to hit a few balls. I asked Elizabeth if she would be brave enough to try to teach me to knit-and I’m so glad I did. What a great new hobby. Joss has a new purple scarf in the works just in time for our next round of snow. Then as we were loading up everyone ended up on the trampoline for some good rowdy fun. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful.

The kids hitting balls

Jumping Joss

Trip mid-air

Loving the baby toss

Sweet Sarah

An attempt at a group photo: Elizabeth, Sarah, Rachel, James & Joss

How many kids can I hold at once? (Joss, Trip & Rachel)

Jossi and the “Prying Mantis”

Friday morning there to greet us on the back porch was a praying mantis shivering in the wind. Joss was so intrigued.  She wanted touch it and name it. So I thought, I’d better get this on film-this could be good. And she didn’t disappoint. She is so creative and expressive, but you have to catch her in natural element-it can’t be forced. She’s grown out of her knack for performing on cue.  For some reason she decided that she needed to wear this hat, so she could be “dressed up extra cute.” So here is a little dose of Jossi for the day and a snippet of Trip too.

Movie Night

Last weekend I decided it would be fun to have a movie night and let the kids watch something they’d never seen before. So Trip & I (Joss was hunting with dad) prepared a wide variety of fresh toppings-none of which Joss would eat, of course.  But Trip tried everything as we chopped, except the green olives which came out as soon as they went in! Then we loaded up some boboli bread to make the most beautiful home made pizzas. They turned out so yummy. Trip and Joss both ate more pizza than I’ve ever seen while watching the 1st Shrek movie.  They’ve seen the 2nd one, but some how never the first.  Joss was thrilled to see Fiona as her “True Princess self” (apparently we of us have a true princess inside, just waiting to be revealed. Except Trip, who had been dubbed Prince Charming, or “Charming” for short). It so fun to see the little ones become buddies and interact more every day.  It was a really fun night and a great way to just relax together. Pizza and milk- a true culinary experience!

This was Trip, pre-hair cut.

Check out this link to my aunts’ cooking blog for a great lesson in pizza making, from scratch! This is my next movie night quest, to make our own fresh pizza dough. Who knows maybe I’ll invite you over for a slice!

Here is Brenda's Artisan Hearth-baked pizza