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Hello from the couch

Hello friends! I am alive and intact! I am so grateful for all the love & support I’ve recieved from you all in the last week. The Lord is clearly presssing in on me, wouldn’t you agree?  My  mantra of “He gives and He takes away” has been put to the literal test in regards to my big toe. I am on lots of pain pills, strong antibiotics & sporadic bits of sleep, so this might not be my best post today-cut me some slack! My toe is feeling much better. It only tingles now when it is elevated, no pain. The pain hits fast and hard when I lower it to move to the couch or make a potty break. New bruises are emerging each day. I am green & blue all over. I am humbled every day as I realize more & more how blessed I am that I only broke a few toe bones. I am praying for a full recovery, that I’ll be running & active again in a matter of months. I feel as though the staff is responding well to the antibiotic because my foot is doing so well. But I will find out on Monday at 4:00. At that point we will know the plan, whether I’ll be home & on the recovery route or back into the hospital for another surgery.  April will be in touch with a care calendar at that point to coordinate anyone that wants to help us out in any way. I will probably post that on the blog too, that way anyone that wants to can access it. I am so grateful for all the flowers, coffee, meals, DPs, magazines, books and sweet gifts and especially help with my little ones that we have recieved from all my friends and family. We love each of you so much. You have all contributed to my spirits staying high through this potentially low time. Not to mention filling in all the holes that this injury has put into our daily lives. We couldn’t have done it with out you  all.

Where I spend my days

This is how I take a shower-with the help of 2 loving family members!


Getting a glimpse of outside life

Getting some quality time in with my little ones

my first attempt at anything productive was this blog post

Big Toe Update

Keri got to go home on Wednesday afternoon which was both good and bad.  Good because, we were anxious to get out of that hotel and bad because she is still in a lot of pain.   So we headed for the house after getting meds at Denton Community Pharmacy.  The kids were so happy to see Mom, this was also good and bad.  Keri really needs to be off her feet and resting as much as possible – try telling that to Joss and Trip.  They wanted to climb over her and snuggle with her.  They just did not really understand why they had to be quiet and let mommy rest.  After being home for a few hours we decided that it would be best for Keri and her to if she went to her Mom’s house to rest without the little guys climbing all over her.

We still don’t know the future of Keri’s big toe.  Right now there is only 40% of bone “A” and bone “B” has a fracture.  Luckily the spot where the foot peg and tree met were right between “A” and “B”.  Infection is still the biggest concern right now.  The cultures came back with what the doctor called a very vanilla strain of staph, which he thought the antibiotics would have no problem fighting.  We have an appointment with the doctor on Monday.  Hopefully everything will still look good.  They decided to hold of on the 2nd surgery for the time being.  Also, the doctors have decided to let the middle toe heal on its own instead of putting pins in it.  Hopefully we will get some more info on Monday.  Right now the uncertainty is tough.  Keri is still being very tough but the medicines and pain are a lot to handle as well as recovering from the lack of sleep in the hospital.

Foot Bones

Big Toe

I wanted to do a quick update/info for those that have not heard.  Yesterday, Easter, we were at our house playing outside enjoying thenice afternoon.  As we always do we got out my old dirtbike.  We were enjoying being outside and taking turns on the motorcycle.  I gave the kids a ride, Keri rode with me, uncle Riley took a spin, Keri’s mom even took a little spin (impresve)!  Keri took another ride and went up a little hill we have in the front yard.  She caught some air and I think that may have caused her to get a litle off balance.  She ended up heading betwen 2 trees.  The tree on the left side caught the handle bars then pinned her toe between foot peg.  Keri was flying through the air saying “I’m okay, I’m okay!”, not wanting to make anyone worried.  She ended up stopped at the base of another tree and said “Whoa, my toe, I’m not okay”.  We ran over there and after one glance it was obvious that we were headed to the emergency room because her left big toe was literally  dangling off of her foot.  I picked her up and carried her to the car.  Her mom ran into the house and got a towel to wrap around her foot so she would not have to look at it en route to the er.  I said that I had to find my keys, but I knew where they were.  I wanted to go back and make sure that there was not any of Keri’s toe laying on the ground.  I jumped in the car and we headed for the hospital.  I’ll skip the part of the story where I broke every possible traffic law on the way to hospital.  We got Keri into the er and they had to do some x-rays on her foot as well as her knee and abdomen as they also sustained some damage.  We waited for quite a while for the er doctor to come back and let us know wat was going on.  We already had some idea of the severity because the doctors first question after taking peek at her toe was when was the last time you ate? After a long delay and us all wondering what is going on, a man barges into the room in plain clothes.  He was not rude, or apologetic, just facts and he spoke in a way that said I know this is what I do and I’m good at it, borderline arrogant but in a good way.  He simply said, “I’m a bone doctor, they called me as a specialist and from the desrcription of the x-ray I thought it deserved a look.  You pulverized your big toe and also pretty severely fractured your 3rd toe.”  As he peeled back the bandage that was covering the toe he said he was glad that he came up there.  “There is a good chance that we will have to amputate the toe, we are going to try and save it, but the big risk is infection.”

They took Keri into surgery pretty quickly.  Afterwards the doctor said that saving the big toe was a viable option but the third toe was also an open fracture so they had to clean it out as well and will require pins to be put in.  Additional surgery will be required.  Most likely they will have to do a bone graft from her hip to see if they can get the tip of the big toe to grow bone since 60% of the bone is missing.

At this point we are waiting to see if infection sets in and if it will be a candidate for saving the toe.  Either way we we are looking at having another surgery in the next few days.

Keri is doing great and is in good spirits.  There is significant pain but she is being very tough.  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.  It is funny how complex our bodies our and how fragile they can be. 

Something old, Something new

A few weeks ago I dusted off the art supplies I’ve had since college and drug out a canvas I had bought months before. My mom kept moving it around my house every time she was here, urging me to explore my artistic side, so I finally gave in to her promptings. I thought those old pastels deserved a try. So I am trying something new. I don’t know if I’ll ever let you see the finished piece or not. I’m a bit self conscious of my art. It is drying as I type. I’m just excited I took the journey to try something to stretch my talents…here’s a glimpse.

Duck, Duck, Turkey

You’ll find no geese here. Well, at least not yet. But we did get the cutest little ducks a few weeks ago and just this Saturday 3 turkeys. The ducks were so precious for the first few days, but now they are awkward, big bodied birds with funny little wings & no real feathers. The turkeys are sweet but stupid. I have been up twice a night since we got them because they already get out of their kiddie pool turkey habitat! The chicks didn’t get out for weeks. They just fly out & then stand there chirping so loud I can hear them all the way in my bed! This better be the best #@!%  Thanksgiving turkey dinner I’ve ever had. I don’t have pics of them yet but here are the ducks the weekend we got them.

Did some one sneak crack into my protein shake?

Seriously-I need to know if you have snuck into my house & dumped some crazy drug into my protein shake!  I started working out & having a shake in the morning (since I never eat breakfast) and I can’t begin to tell you the difference it has made in me. I feel light years better-on all fronts. Not mention losing weight! I signed up for the 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge at the gym just to get myself motivated. And it’s working! I have my first official weigh in tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes.   Today was an amazing Monday for us. We did all the laundry (Jossi & I), headed to Lowe’s, grabbed lunch at McAllister’s (the kids ate amazingly-what’s in the air?!), then Target. Home & Trip went down for his nap & Joss for a short hour rest. I unloaded everything & then relieved my free-laborer from her rest-time to help me plant the new flowers.  She faded after about 3 plants & went to “check on the chickens.”  I sat there in the dirt listening to the chickens squwaking for help in the background & laughing to myself. This girl loves her chickens.  She just holds them, talks to them-like they are puppies or babies. It’s so funny. So we watered & wrapped that flower bed up. Fed all the foul…we now have 12 chickens (2 lost in the 1st spring storm), 5 ducks & 3 turkeys. Yes, turkeys. Don’t laugh-you’ll be thanking me this year at Thanksgiving dinner.  Then the kids had a snack while I showered to go to the gym. Sounds strange I know, but I would’ve cleared the cardio area at the gym with me “garden-fresh” scent.  The gym was great.  I think the kids needed a break form me as much as I needed my break! I did 2 miles on the elliptical-have to take it easy because my cardio point & calorie point tests are Wednesday. Then some lifting & the best part: my first trip to the Eucalyptus Steam Sauna! Upon entry I nearly fainted, but once I recovered it was the most amazing feeling to sit enveloped in the tingly air, sweating off my hard work, melting into the tile bench. Oh man, I am hooked.  Then we hit up Sprouts where everyone got to pick out there own fruit & veggie. Then home for a baked potato & fresh raw veggie dinner. The kids ate so good Luke looked at me suspiciously like he thought maybe it was all a trick. I glanced back at him saying with my eyes “don’t acknowledge it or it will all fade away!!!”  So here I sit, pooped (but sleeping better by the way!) and way behind on blogging-sorry! More updates to come…

shot from the garden

Away for the weekend

Are you ever driven to get away? just away from it all, away from nothing (or everything?!)? I am a change fiend; addicted to the change of seasons, the thrill of a new hair cut (or color!), rearranging rooms seasonally or more. We had the chance to get away to my sisters with the family for the weekend and took it up before the invitation was completely out of her mouth. I get so many great ideas out there. My sister is quieter, an attribute I don’t possess. But maybe that’s why I get so many ideas when I’m around her. We talk (or maybe I talk and she listens, I don’t know) and I walk away with fresh thoughts, ideas and inspiration on keeping life simple. Her husband is a man of a different cloth than most. I adore him, rough edges, spurs and all. He knows how to keep it real. He puts Luke to work when we come out, gripes at my kids when they need it and makes a killer steak and eggs for breakfast.  (Which I don’t eat but have heard is amazing!) I always leave thinking about how we do things & why. It’s good for a soul, to question, assess, change and grow.

My sister calls this the Stephenville Community Garage Sale. We found some great stuff-to be posted later.

Flea market shopping and snacks


Puppy kisses


My Christmas gift from my daddy 😉

Me wishing this was my Christmas present from my daddy.