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Moving the chicks

This was a long time ago, but I the pics were cute so I’m posting them anyways. This was the evening that we moved the chicks from their habitat in the garage utility room to the hen house that Luke built them.

trying to control my chicken girl before she strangles one

hippy boy & the flying chick-this shot reminds of Joss, every time we pass a golden chicken she says, "Look! It's Chicken Fly!" & then once I heard her say to Trip , "Haha, I call Golden Chick Chicken Fly!" We've never even been there!

My favorite girl, Mrs. Greenfoot, may she rest in peace

Luke's favorite, & the friendliest of the bunch, Snow White. May she also rest in peace ūüôĀ

Joss & handsome Pop

Crazy Joss

My Version-Part 2

My Version Part 1

So…Luke deposited me in the car and went to “get his keys.” I’m yelling after him “they’re on the¬†kitchen¬†counter!” He actually went to gather any pieces of toe that we might need for what had quickly become my digit puzzle. My mom raced over with a wet kitchen towel to wrap around the foot. And that’s when the pain hit and my breakdown began. I just burst into tears and moans saying over and over “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! This is such a stupid accident! What was I thinking?!” My sweet brother was right there telling me it was ok & accidents happen. I’ll never forget that look on his face of such intense sorrow and empathy. ¬†We raced to the Denton Regional Emergency Room, guessing & hoping it was the closest hospital to our semi-rural location. ¬†The drive was¬†light-years¬†worse and more intense than the trek to the¬†hospital/birthing center with either of my babies. ¬†And then I was even in hard labor and dilated to an 8 the minute I got into Labor & Delivery with both babies. ¬†I’m sure the people we were blazing by on the road thought I was in labor from what they could see through the window view. At this point I was freaking out between the pain and the fear of what they were going to do to my foot before I got any relief from the pain. As it turned out I was wheeled straight in to a room, waited about 40 minuted before I got a nerve block for just the bog toe and then another 20 minutes for an IV & the good drugs. They did a series of about 10-12 Xrays, checking for internal injuries. I was covered in dirt and tree bark, 1 mangled toe, 1 open fractured toe, a busted up knee, a bump on the head, 2 severely bruised and possibly broken toes on the other foot and a very swollen and purple ‘pelvis area’ let’s just say. So they were fairly intent on making sure there weren’t bigger issues than just the big toe. ¬†Me, mom and Luke stopped amidst the “code black”¬†announcements¬†and tornado sirens in the hallway, held hands and prayed, begging the Lord for safety & healing regardless of the outcome of the toe. ¬†All was well with my innards and I was in surgery by 8:30pm. <In the meantime, mom had followed us to the hospital in her car, dad was in the house when the accident happened & stayed with the kids that night. I didn’t see him again until Monday when he got off work. Trip was napping, Riley deposited Joss with dad, stopped by the accursed trees, found bone & tissue pieces in the tree and then brought them to the hospital.> I couldn’t have¬†orchestrated¬†an accident better myself if I’d been given the chance! Every one had a role and played it so perfectly-accept my sister who is the toughest one of us all and was¬†desperately¬†missed in such a traumatic situation! I can just imagine had she been there she would’ve been with me in the back seat, holding my bloody foot in her lap and distracting me with stories of mishaps at the ranch! ¬†So, as you probably know already they were able to reattach the big toe. We spent a few days at the all inclusive Hotel Denton Regional for our anniversary (which was Easter Sunday.) So romantic. And here I am. Grateful to be alive and intact; almost walking “like a normal person” as Joss told me the other day. ¬†I have a load of great new memories of my family through out this unfolding saga. I can’t begin to tell you how the Lord has blessed and sustained me through this process. I feel as though my life has become a comedy of errors in the last 6 months, unfolding for all to see, humbling me in the process. I have a whole new appreciation for Matt Chandler and his out look on cancer-to be¬†grateful¬†to be counted¬†worthy¬†of this trial. That is so heavy. I don’t know if I would volunteer for it again. But I also might not take it back if I had the chance. I have learned to let Luke care for me in a whole new way; to better accept grace and love from those who love me; to have a sense of humor and hold¬†loosely¬†to the things He has given us-even something as small as toes. I wrote a post before titled “Growth” where I touched on the Lord giving and taking away. And now I laugh¬†because¬†I had no idea how literal it would become for me in the coming months. I am learning every day to walk. Not just on my vulnareable feet, but in His grace. To not be a¬†narcissistic¬†Christian, focused¬†obsessively¬†on what I’m doing or how I’m doing.¬†There is a better way to get better than to try to get better. ¬†Tullian Tchividjian spoke last week at church and he simplified it for me. ¬†To make progress is to begin again each day. Begin again by waking up and accepting Christ’s grace and¬†substitution¬†for me, understanding that what’s important in my relationship with Him is not what I have done for Him, but what He has done for me.


Tullian’s sermon from the Village

Colossians 1:9-14  Tearing down the misconceptions of the Gospel

Romans 5 ¬†Christ’s¬†substitutionary death & equally important, His life

Romans 6 What will you do, Christian, now that you know you don’t have to do anything?

My version-Part 1

Here’s my¬†disclaimer: I had to wait until I finished my¬†sandwich¬†before I could sit down to compose this narrative. So, to the faint of stomach-you won’t hurt my feelings if you skip this post!

It was a lovely Easter Sunday and the family was slowly accumulating at our house for a late afternoon, impromptu Easter lunch. We were supposed to have been at Kelli’s for the day. But after spending Friday night in the ER with a ornery¬†hernia we shifted plans to relieve her of the hostessing duties and to recover. ¬†I had ridden the motorbike earlier in the morning, cruising along with the wind in my hair & wildflowers whacking at my feet. I hadn’t been on the bike in about 5 years and it suddenly donned on me that I was letting my young motherly inclinations hold me back from a motor-scootin good time! So I would putt ¬†by in 1st gear and Luke would jog beside me with a “How ya doin?” and then shift the gears for me and I’d zip off again feeling free as a bird. Well, a bird on wheels. Who didn’t know how to shift the bike for herself. ¬†This went well, as did the Easter egg hunting, blowing of giant bubbles, kite flying and the making of lunch. (Ok, I totally flubbed the chicken, but we will laugh at that later. It is more¬†sensitive¬†a subject to me still that the crash itself.¬†Although¬†I know one day when I am successful in some sort of¬†entrepreneurial¬†culinary business, we will look back at that chicken and laugh. But not today.) My dear mom even forced herself to eat some of that chicken and declared it as dad’s leftovers for the week. My sweet dad. He looked as content as any doting father at this announcement. Not telling what he’s eaten in his 30 years of marriage. So after an over all¬†successful¬†lunch Trip went down for a nap & we all headed outside for some fun.

Mom started hot rodding around on the bike (in 1st gear) feeling her youth and then I took another spin after turning her down on an offer to “hop on!” I cruised around the back of the house and skillfully shifted into 2nd for the first time. I was¬†ecstatic-“woohoo”ing at no one. I came around that bend and now, feeling my youth, I headed straight for the hump in the yard. I’d seen Luke do it a thousand times-with kids in his lap, no less. I later realized Luke had a pretty good route planned out in his mind that didn’t include the trees just on the other side of the hill. ¬†So I came flying over that hill, catching some air, thinking “Did my mom see that?! Oh ya baby!!” And then, out of no where those trees appeared, like the walking trees in the Lord of¬†the¬†Rings-right in my path. If I was Luke-which you’ve probably seen by now that I’m not, although I try -I would have made some theatrical feat out of evading those trees. But alas, I am me. And I never even touched the break. I just thought if I sucked in & held my breath I’d probably roll off & sustain a few sticker pokes in my butt, but walk away a hero. Not so fast that tree said! My handle bar on the left hit the tree at the exact second the foot peg sliced off my big toe and I went soaring over the handle bars, through the air, yelling “I’m ok guys!” concerned mostly with my family’s ensuing panic. I had no idea at this point my toe was not attached. I landed with a thud, thinking “see Keri, that wasn’t so bad.” My mom is standing there with her mouth covered trying to decide if all is well & she should maintain control or if she can go into manic mode. I glanced across my legs; I had landed sort of¬†Indian¬†style and suddenly saw my foot, with a toe dangling and not a drop of blood. My brain did not register what was happening as I calmly said, “No I’m not OK! Get Luke & the keys!”

To be continued…(it’s past my injury appropriate bedtime, my foot is throbbing & I’m seeing 2 monitors dance before me, thanks to my night time pain meds)…Goodnight!

One of the last pictures of me with foot intact on Easter Sunday