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2 kids in a tub

The kids were playing in the drive way with the water hose so I decided to dump out their bucket of toys & fill it with water. The next thing I know, they’r both in there like 2 peas in a pod. Sometimes they fight so much I could cry and then just as often they are as peaceable as they could be.  I’m so grateful for the peaceful times. They get me through the trying ones!

Hiking the Hickory Creek Trail

We are trying to be adventurous despite the hellish heat & a gimp mom, so give us some credit! We took the kids out a few saturday mornings back on a hike along the Lake off Hickory Creek Trail. It’s a nice little hike down to a great fishing spot by the lake. We’re still on the search for the perfect secret swimming hole.

self-family photo-good aim Luke!

be still my heart

crazy bean tree

chaco feet, minus trip. we're looking for him a pair.

The progression of the toe

Well, now that it’s over I can post the pics & move on! <If you have a week stomach stop here!> I feel as though my big toe has taken on a persona all it’s own these last two months. Some would call her resilient, some would say brave, others still doubt if she’ll stick around or not. But let the facts speak for themselves. She’s all around been a loyal toe and I’ll keep her as long as she’ll have me. And who knows how long that may be.

In the ER waiting for pain meds...

Oops I moved my foot but the toe didn't follow...that nurse better back off soon...still no pain meds...

after being stepped on by a 2 year old little man who will remain unnamed

chubby foot

about 2.5 weeks after-sorry some pics are fuzzy, but the lack of detail is probably in your favor.

3.5 weeks

approx 1.5 months out

approx 1.5 months out

today-excuse the dirt, it's like a jungle out here after these storms the last few nights.

Notice how nice & short she is now-and I was worried about her being longer!  I’m so grateful for all the prayers and love from friends and family. For such a small appendage it sure has changed my perspective on life and death…more on that later. 😉

Saturday night on the square.


The kids had a blast.  This was not a posed shot.

Gainesville or bust!

Who knew Gainesville had such great entertainment to offer young moms & little peeps? After months of trying and a few minor setbacks, we finally made it. We packed a cooler, printed our coupons, picked up our sweet friends Lauren and Jack and headed out. <Side note here: many of you may remember Lauren-she kept Joss for us when she was only 3 months old and I was working. Jack was just a little guy and they were blanket buddies. You wouldn’t believe the connection that Joss still has to Lauren. The first time we had seen her in over a year and Joss ran straight to her and wrapped her arms around her legs. I’m so grateful for a chance to grow our friendship and let the kids become close and really get to know one another.> So we headed to Frank Buck Zoo, which was a great litle zoo. The perfect length for the kids short attention spans and legs. Then we had a great picnic out by the massive park and playground area.  Here comes my favorite part…then we went to a Lavendar Farm!  Now, it does not compare to the giant lavendar that growns in Colorado towns, but I still love its smell just the same. It is by far my favorite herb. I am obsessed with it, truly.  this week I am going to try out a Raspberry Pound cake recipe with Lavender (from the garden of course) whip cream-crazy!

What a model she was for a split second.

And it's over! I guess I should quit telling her to hug her brother. The poor guy looks squished & unhappy in every picture.

The animal gazers intently studying the horned owl.

Trip and I feeding a greedy goat-he loved it!

Lavender Ridge Farms

We've made ourselves a summer list of sorts-I think all of these can be achieved except for France.

The troopers

The lavender

The crazy mamas

And my personal favorite: the spider carrying the bee up the lavender bloom. I can't believe I caught this shot.

Crazy creepy!

On the driveway

We spend a lot of time hanging out on the driveway lately. It’s a great little incline and the kids love to ride their bikes there, plus it’s in the shade so it’s usually at least 15 degrees cooler. Oh yes and that’s Jossi, riding her bike-for real! No training wheels-ever! Atta girl!  I’m feeling much better these days, back to almost-normal, I’d say <plus a slight limp>, but still striving to get back into the full swing of things. I can’t get around as fast as before and my body gets tired out much more quickly. So I’m sorry for the lack of posting, pics & writing lately, but I’m getting there! I miss my friends who I haven’t been blessed to see lately and look forward to catching up with more of you as the weeks roll by.

yes his forehead was a little bruised still from a fall a few days before


The kids have been so into their newest pets-“feeshies!” as Trip calls them. My parents got their old fish tank out of the attic and decided that we needed a fish habitat to brighten our sitting room. And I couldn’t agree more! It has made that the brightest little corner in our kitchen area & the kids love feeding & taking  care of the fish. And the fish don’t talk back & I don’t have to clean up their poop. It couldn’t get much better than that!