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Today in my kitchen






Nothing makes me happier than a new batch of jam (my first go at raspberry jam) & several batches of bagels. Except maybe my new roman shades over my kitchen window that I snagged for $10 each at World Market. Thank you clearance rack!

The birthday after party

The after party carried on into the day with pottery painting and chic-fil-a with the girls. This was a blast & the girls each were so good & loved the painting.


Getting their instructions (such impressive attention span for a 3, 4 & 5 year old!)

Good color choices

Dancing in excitement








Riley stopped by to see the birthday girl (or his girlfriend-Hi Shelby! No one's sure which.)

Joss’ Birthday Tea Party

For Jossi’s 4th birthday we decided to keep it simple & host a tea party with her 2 little friends and the moms, grandma’s, aunt’s etc. I was really thrilled with the way it all turned out. It wasn’t too crazy and Joss had plenty of time and space to enjoy her day & her friends & lil bro’s company. All the details were so fun to work on. While in Colorado Elizabeth & I found the table cloth at Clubb’s & that began our whole inspiration for the tea party theme. I had such a great time making the decor & getting it all ready to surprise Joss in the morning. She couldn’t believe her eyes she said! It made it all worth while. Luke & I bought her a new princess dress for her special day.  Getting her all dressed was just as much fun as the rest of the day. We curled her hair, painted her nails, put on a tiny bit of make up. She couldn’t contain her twirls in her new dress.  Our fiery sprite is a little woman now, that’s for sure. 4 going on 14. This will be the story of her life. Slow down Jossi! I love every day of these years with you!


Flower Cupcakes


The princesses-so precious!

A family shot-we all dressed up...yes that is my prom dress from Jr year.

Trip making his move on the cupcakes

Fixing her tea up just right

Blue birthday candles-the most important detail, Jossi says

Making a wish

Ave eating only the best part-the icing

Trip pondering the things of girl-hood

Joss & Lolly (the best aunt in the world-she was the only one who dressed up with me!)

Such dainty manners

It takes great focus to pour a great cup of tea


Thank you sweet brother Trip and Avery & Audrey for being such a big part of making Jossi’s 4th birthday so special!

Bubble Pool Fun





Today the heat wa such a beat down the kids didn’t want to be outside at all. So I tried to get them excited about the little pool & how good it would feel to splash around. I knew it wouldn’t last long, but then a great idea hit me. Bubble bath! And 2 scrub brushes-those kids were happy for 2 hours. It was so exciting for them, watching the bubbles grow & then cleaning everything they could get in or near the pool. So I set up the picnic table & some little chairs for popcicle time. It was a great way to spend the morning.  Then once the kids were down I rinsed that little slice of cool water heaven out & jumped in myself for some late afternoon sun & downtime. I was desperate. Can you blame me?

Today in my kitchen…






Walnut Maple syrup, in preparation for a weekend treat of home made peaches & cream shortbread with walnut maple drizzle. I did so much canning today, I could no longer stand by 5:30 pm, so dinner was at Wendy’s! How’s that for good  homemaking? 20 lbs of peaches canned & 8 little half pints of home made syrup = fast food dinner before our study at church. Can’t do it all right?

Baby bedding for sale




I’m selling some baby items so I thought I’d put them up on here too. This is a JJ Cole Collection bedding set with the bumper pad, sheet, bed skirt & quilt comforter. It’s in great shape, no stains, super cute & really soft. Let me know if you’re interested. I’m thinking $75.00. I paid $125 or $150.

Camping in Colorado (a catching up post)

i am so far behind on doing anything with these pics, but i still have to share! Everything I have posted thus far on our Colorado trip was just pics from my phone, not the real deal pics. So that’s what I’ll try to do in the next few posts. This was our camping trip, which we drove straight to from our house…18hours & a lost $530 later, we rolled in to the campsite at 11:15 pm! Yes, after a solid 45 minutes of off roading, in the dark-don’t even ask. But it was all well worth it. Our friends were there waiting around the campfire with hugs & chairs & the menfolk had the tent set up in 5 minutes! Getting the kids down was the harder part. We were dying just to catch up with friends for even 5 minutes. And the kids had so much pent up energy. Anyways we all soon passed out & were ready to go for a few days of good solid adventure by sunrise if you can believe it. There’s just something about that mountain air that gives you the energy to do anything (or at least try).

This camping trip was unlike any other. There were about 40 people-11 families! It was so fun! We were so lucky to be included in our friends yearly 4th of July traditions-thanks Pollards for the invite! Here’s just a few shots…

Nature Girl

My Little Mountain Man

The Welcome Sign

there was an atv there & the kids were on it the whole time. I think it actually got started up & taken out one time.

Our camp spot, the river was right behind us. thank God, because I got so sick for about 24 hours & could barely make it out of the tent in time. I even showered in the river once like a true ruffian.


the view of our end of the commune from above

Part of the camp kitchen set up