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Game time!






The big day has come at last! Jossi’s first soccer practice was last night & her first game is tmrw. She’s so excited although she knows nothing really about soccer. It’s all about the pink socks & special shoes. I’m very excited for the fall & a new season!

Jack-a-bee turns 5

Jack is our friend who Jossi stayed with when I was working full time & she was only a few months old. Lauren took care of Joss for us 3 days a week & we are long-ago childhood friends who were desperately in crush with the same youth group guy. Which in some strange high school way brought us together! Well, Jack has turned 5. It’s official, he’s a kid. We love him so much & were so thrilled to get to be a part of his big day. the fishing outing was a brilliant idea on his part. The kids loved it, the weather was perfect, the food on the fire was great & the fellowship left nothing wanting. Happy birthday Jack-a-bee! We sure do love you!



somehow I didn't get a pic of the 3 of us! I'll get Luke to work his photoshop magic.


Fishing it up like a real 5 year old. (Clay that chair looks a little small for you buddy)

beach babe

The crew


Main in Motion

Main in Motion is in Montrose on thursday nights through the summer. They have food, fun, music & lots of stuff for the kids to do. When we were there in July we went a little early to paint some pottery. The kids had a great time…


Silverton, CO: 4th of July

The gang awaiting the big parade


A family shot a midst the excitement


The Greenfield FamChecking out their stash

Jossi recovering from her first merry go round mishap


One of Luke's great firework shotsAll of us line up across the church parking lot watching the fireworks

He was pretty pumped

A great day off & a fantastic break from the heat





Yay! It was so gorgeous & cool today we had to do something outdoors. We headed to Lake Grapevine to take a hike & ended up swimming despite the cool breeze. The kids had a hayday trying to dunk Luke. And yes they swam in undies because we didn’t plan on swimming! We fit right in.