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Tough Two’s


I wouldn’t call them terrible, but i’d for sure call the 2 stage tough, at least the male version of the 2 stage. If there is so much as a moment of quiet in our house I go on the search because I know it means trouble. Yesterday morning I took a potty break, changed into clothes for church, & came out to find this guy. He was so proud as if he had created a piece of art. He said he was a deer. A what?! So we had baths before church & barely made it. Today he & joss rubbed a whole tub of hydrocortisone on their legs, then after I wiped him down & sent him to the bathroom to wash up, he comes out soaking wet with shampoo bubbles all over him. And then there’s a shattered mason jar incedent. Now mind you, this is all before 7 am while I’m trying to get a bagel pick up finished by 8:30. Needless to say I turned to Curious George for some real help. I could use a break from the 2s. Thank the Lord he turns 3 soon. (I’m telling myself that’ll be easier.

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