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Isn’t life Golden?

It’s true friends…you may have heard the rumors. We are headed to higher ground this spring. Luke has a fantastic new job that couldn’t be better suited for him & his interests with Coleman. Yes, Coleman, like the lantern. And actually Luke just got word that he is the product manager for the lighting line, which means the lanterns, flashlights, headlamps, etc. Quite fitting considering this is the guy who will take any task in dim lighting as a good excuse to wear a headlamp! So his office is in Golden, CO. We will be moving at the end of March. Below are the answers to some FAQs, just to ease  your minds…

1) Q) Are we crazy? A) Maybe! But who couldn’t take a chance on an offer like this! Move to a place you love, take a job that is made for you, get out there & try!

2) Q) What about the bagels? A) Well, considering I make the bagels, they will go with me. I don’t know if I will pursue baking from home again, as that presents it’s own set of challenges. But there are lots of opportunities on the horizon for my baking, writing & food loving. I will keep everyone posted on any progress with the baking dreams here.

3) Q) Will you sell your house? Q) The house we own in Denton has renters already. The house we live in now  is Aunt Wanda’s. So this is really an ideal time for us to make this transition.

4) Q)When does Luke start? A) He already has! He is in Wichita, Kansas this week (& was last week as well) getting some training. He should be in Golden in the next 2 or 3 weeks at which time we will nail down our details.

If you can think of anything else, just ask in the comments & I will do my best to fill you in. We have been so grateful for our time in Texas, especially through some of the challenges the last year has presented. But we are looking forward to a new trail and new adventures-and LOTS of visits from Texans who we love!

Owl Always Love You

Owls are my little animal lovies & I collect them in all forms, shapes & sizes…you can imagine my excitement when I happened upon a new site for owl lovers! is the cutest gathering of all things owly. They have this great app where you can pick your own art for a free 12 month calendar. You just download & print it for free. I can just imagine this on some faded linen paper with torn edges. Perfect new art & organization all in one for my kitchen wall. Happy Monday!


Owl Lover 2012 Calendar