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Community Gardening


I am so so grateful for a  kind neighbor, who unknowingly gave me the sweetest gift. He welcomed me to join the community garden. Now you should know, in our “neighborhood” planting (anything) brings out the deer; composting attracts the bears and a henhouse entices the foxes. I mean seriously, what’s a girl supposed to do up here?! Naturally I lay in bed one night during our first week in the mountains, next to adventure-hub & had myself a good cry, dumping all my fears, relevant & non on him. So when the neighbor, who I had just met, informed me of a community garden, I teared up & fought the urge to hug his neck. The kids & I spent most of this morning at the community garden…sheer joy, let me tell you. The scent of pine needles crunching under our feet was intoxicating. We picked sweet little yellow tomatoes, weeded the herb beds in the green house & planted 2 whole raised beds with lettuce, beets & carrots. Gayle is a fantastic high altitude gardner & photographer, who I hope to soak up loads of inspiration from. And her sweetheart, Phil is a 70 something year old attorney who works from his mountain home-office as he wages his war with Parkinsons. They are the perfects hosts (the garden is at their homestead). The kids had ice cream, we shared hot mugs of strong coffee over the weeds we pulled. And most importantly, had good conversation. Thank you Jesus for sunshine, dirt and people. Beautiful creations.


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1 comment to Community Gardening

  • Mom

    I’m so grateful to your new neighbors!! You somehow are always able to find these special friends.
    The photos here are so simple and beautiful! And I could read your writings all day long. You truely have the gift of gab…..I mean writing. ;)and FYI I’ll see you in FOUR DAYZZzZ

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