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A Weekend of Family & Fun

My mom & Kelli came this weekend-woohoo! It was a much anticipated visit for me. I had so much fun preparing for their arrival. I decided I would just clean & then we would nest once they were here. I was having some issues with the arrangement of the living room upstairs & a total creative block on the downstairs living room. I knew I needed my mom’s help for several things around the house, to help make it feel like home.  So Thursday evening we picked them up from the airport and after many hugs & maybe a few tears we headed to Golden to meet up with Luke for dinner. We had a great dinner, then headed to the house. The delirium set in here, for mom that is. We were on the ever so slightest incline just outside Golden on Hwy 70 & mom says ” Ok, I’m ready for your car to stop making that climbing sound already!” I shot her this are you kidding me look & we all cracked up laughing. I told her she was in for a long haul, so just pop a Dramamine & sit back. Friday we enjoyed cranberry orange muffins & strong coffee and then hit the mess…we moved a couch out of the living room, down the stairs, outside, down the porch stairs, up about 3 stairs into the downstairs living room. We are women here us roar. And moan. and grunt. I wish someone had gotten pics of it! So we tore up that living room, bouncing ideas around & finally turning it into a real room. I am so please with how it turned out. It’s going to be the perfect family room, especially this summer when it’s hot in the upstairs, with no ac out here. So here’s a few random pics from the weekend. Saturday we had an amazing day of wild life spotting, but I will let Luke make that post.


Good family time 🙂


view from our porch

Kolbe, who followed Kelli's every move around the house & even slept right beside her.

Trip posing on the stairs



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