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Wild West Kitty

My sister gave us the 2 best kittens ever for Joss’ birthday present last July. The brother is on an adventure in Texas at the Hilltop house (wink wink) and the sister came with us to Co. People in our neighborhood said she wouldn’t last long. Most of the dogs around here have never even seen a cat! The neighbors all talk about her bc she follows us on walks like a dog! Her name changes almost daily. It started out Speedy, then Merliah, then Louella, Buttercup, and now i think it’s Sweet Lily. She has turned out to be quite the mountain kitty. I think it’s partly due to her momma who was a wild cat my sister took in. Here’s a few of the little surprises she has left me in the last 2 days. Those mountain mice don’t stand a chance with Wild West Kitty on the prowl!




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